Winners of the Vampire Diaries Competition!


Your blood-chilling stories were read in this dark writing competition - we're ready to announce the winners!



The big reason for entering this competition was the chance to write a story about vampires, werewolves, or witches! And, much like the infamous Vampire Diaries, the possibilities, along with the lore, and then the lure of a good horror writing challenge proved to be an impressive display of how good you all are at writing supernatural stories and fanfics! We didn't want to say it, but it looks like vampires rule this one }:-) based on your spine-tingling stories. Those who entered this writing competition also created some eerie covers to match the tension and mystery in their writing. The best of the bunch from our winners are listed below.  


Winners will receive books from the Vampire Diaries series for prizes. We hope you enjoyed this horrific writing competition - thank you to all those who took part in it - your stories gave us goosebumps...



1st Place

Fangs in your Heart by Megites Nightshade




2nd Place

Forgive Me Father, For I Have Sinned by Stolt




3rd Place

The Corpse Hopped at Midnight: Part One by N.S. Jones




Best Cover

Cherry Wine by Miss Mari



An honorable mention that was really good in this competition is a story about the Salvatore Brothers who realize their little sister has fallen in love with a monster, and she has become something else in the doing so...


The Salvatore Sister by Nazhemmings




All winners will be contacted by email


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