Time for Your Nominations: Battle of the Fandoms!

Nominate your favorite fandom for Battle of the Fandoms!

It's almost time for Battle of the Fandoms and we need you all to nominate your favorites...



We're prepping for another Battle of Fandoms *da da daaa* and YOU should nominate your favorite fandoms here!



About the Upcoming Competition


Every year we have the epic Battle of the Fandoms. The battle is basically our version of an annual fanfiction writing competition. This month (June:-) is all about nominatating the fandom(s) of your choice. In a couple weeks, we'll choose the most exciting and popular nominations here as categories to have in the writing competition! Next we'll ask you all to write great fanfictions within those 10 selected fandom categories. At the end of the competition we'll select one winner in each fandom and then an overall winner of the competition. You can participate in this competition with one entry per fandom and max three contributions in total!

Did we mention the winners of each fandom will receive a prize especially chosen for their fandom, while the winner of the entire competition will of course also receive a fandom-inspired prize?! This year we have chosen to focus on your ability to use your knowledge of the fandoms and really utilize your selected fandom to write stories.

We hope to see contributions written on any other fandom or non-fanfic, because that is precisely what shows how special your favorite fandom is :-) Based on the numbers of nominations, we'll choose the fandoms for the battle. That means, that even if someone has nominated "Les mis fanfiction" before you, you have to write your own comment with the same nomination. Every nomination counts! 


How to Nominate


But before we get that far, we need your help! It is all of you who are the experts. We know some of the fandoms that are popular these days, but you all know which ones are the best for writing your stories.
Hence, we must now all nominate the fandoms that you want to see in this competition. But this year it's not enough just to write the name. No, this year you must also explain why it is this fandom that is exciting and worth writing fanfiction on! We want to not just read about the favorite nominated fandoms, but also all kinds of others you may want to see, although this might call for a lot of creative contributions.


~ Write a comment on this blog with the fandom(s) you nominate

~ You can nominate as many fandoms as you want!

~ If you want to, for example, nominate a subgenre like "Dramione fanfiction" then simply nominate "Harry Potter fanfiction," if you want to nominate "Les Mis fanfiction" then nominate "Musical fanfiction" instead, or if you want "Beauty and the Beast fanfiction" then nominate "Disney fanfiction" instead!


We're very excited to see what fandoms you will choose! We will read all your nominations and select 10 fandoms based partly on popularity in the form of likes, comments, as well as number of nominations, but also partly based on the reasoning behind your choice, should you choose to include that ;-)


Then all that is left to say really is enjoy - and go ahead and nominate! You have until June 30th. The competition starts officially on July 15.


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