An Update on Reports

by , Thursday June 9, 2016
An Update on Reports

Reports: your questions answered

an informative blog written by Sanguine


A lot of mystery surrounds the reports on Movellas, so as to avoid confusion and awkward situations, we thought it might be a good idea to tell you all what to report, how reports are dealt with and why certain rules have been implemented. Hopefully, this will clear up a few things for you.


What to report:

A lot of the reports that come in are for things that don’t actually break the rules, so here is a breakdown of things you should report, and things that are actually within the Ts and Cs:


DO report:

  • Anything that goes against its rating. For example, explicit swearing in a G story or pornographic content in a Y rated movella.
  • Pornographic content that is not within a story. If it’s just mindless, plotless smut, please report it, but if it’s one chapter in ten, and the plot doesn’t revolve around sex, then it’s fine.
  • Any spam. See a user repeatedly posting comments – the same comments – on people’s walls? Report it. Movellas tries to be a spam-free zone where all users can be comfortable.
  • Any covers that do not fit the CC0 policy Movellas has. Fanfictions are the exception, but they must be listed as fanfiction and the illegal images must have something to do with the fandom.
  • Bullying. You should always report bullying to help us keep Movellas a safe place to read, write, and socialise. Bullying is never okay, so make sure it is always reported!
  • Anything that violates someone’s privacy. Do not post pictures of people without their permission, do not mention their name if they do not want it up there, and never give out any personal information.


DON'T report:

  • Swearing in mumbles. There has been a recent rule change and now this sort of content is permitted on Movellas, so make sure not to report it when you see it! In fact, this goes for foul language in general.
  • Mild sexual content in mumbles. If it’s heavy sexual content, then report report report, but if it is mild, nothing graphic, then leave it.
  • People calling out other users for doing something. This was a rule that was heavily sat upon at times, which is why people remember it so well, but it’s not really against the rules anymore. If it’s bullying, then full steam ahead, but if not then it’s fine.
  • Bad reviews. If someone doesn’t like your story, then that’s not against the rules. If someone says that it’s the [expletive] worst [another expletive] story to ever [expletive] show up on Movellas, and that you should [yet another expletive] delete it, then you go ahead and report that.
  • Things so we can keep an eye on. Users have reported a lot of things over the past in fear that it might turn into something inappropriate. But with as many reports as we get, we can’t exactly keep up with all of them. Only report things that break the rules now, so we can do something about it, and if you want to keep an eye on something, go ahead.


How reports are dealt with:

Every time you send in a report, the Movellas team will get a ticket on Zendesk, the website we use to manage all of the support handlings. Because Movellians send in a lot of reports, we’re not always the speediest with this. We try to reply to as many reports every day as we can, but we might not reach your report on time.


Once we do get around to reading your ticket, we’ll go through it, maybe ask for some more information, and then reply to you and mark the ticket as closed/pending/open. Once that is done, we can do something about it on Movellas.


The thing most Movellians don’t really understand is that it is quite time consuming to deal with all of the reports, especially when there are as many as we have. But rest assured, we will get to your report…




Why certain rules have been implemented:

There has been a lot of discussion on Movellas about certain rules. So, to clear things up, here is a list of the most common questions Movellians ask about them:


Why has the CC0 policy been implemented?

Movellas is a website that is conscious of its effect on the internet, and with the availability of applying images to stories, almost nobody takes note of the copyright laws. Having a policy makes people learn about the copyright laws, and encourages people to make the right choices. It also makes it safer to publish stories, because stories can get taken down by DMCA when a complaint is filed by the copyright holder.


Why Creative Commons 0 specifically?

While there are other, more free, licenses available, Creative Commons 0 has the easiest definition, and there is no need to track down receipts of any kind, or simply definitive proof that yes, you may use what you are using legally. There are many different websites for free images, so while it can be difficult for you to find an image, you do not lack for resources in finding it.


Why can’t we have smut one-shots, or PWP stories?

Movellas wants to be a safe place for users to read, write, and talk about their favourite stories, so it makes it that safe place by eliminating the icky side of it. Of course, some smut will always make it through, so remember to report any that you see.


Why is the rating system in place?

To keep Movellas the family-friendly website it is, Movellas restricts users of a certain age from reading explicit content. This makes it safe for users and even people who have not registered to the website, as they don’t have to see the content other people enjoy reading, and it makes parents feel a lot more comfortable with their children being on Movellas.


Why do Movellas have to be taken down when they break the rules?

Movellas wants to remain a safe place, so if something is not rated correctly, or is a PWP or even is a mumble which is a bit inappropriate, the Movellas team will take it down. If we don’t, and we simply ask the user to make the changes, then for however long it takes that movella will still be up, visible to everyone, which is something that is rather counterproductive in terms of keeping Movellas as comfortable as it is. Because of this, we will take down the item that breaks the rules, inform the user, and be on our way.


Do you have any questions about the Movellas rules?



 ​Thank you to Sanguine for writing this helpful blog post as well as designing the banner.


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