Review of The Vamps New Album: Wake Up

Having a closer listen of the Vamps New Album Wake Up!

an album review by Kierstinnn



After seeing the competition for the Vamps, and my best friend buying the album for me, I thought that doing a review of ‘Wake Up’ would be an excellent idea. I knew about the band before seeing them on Movellas, seeing as I’ve been subscribed to their YouTube channel since around 2012. For this review, I’ve only done the standard edition of the album (for time’s sake, even though my favorite song comes off the deluxe album).


I’ve always found myself to be a fan of albums more than of individual songs. When I listen to music, I love for a cohesive album to be formed from the tracks within. Song placement can make or break an album for me. That being said, Wake Up, is a great first song for the album, and honestly the best song to share the title name. While the band considers themselves to be pop-rock, I would definitely throw them into some sort of an electro genre/sub genre. The hook for this song is an electronic line about four seconds long and repeats throughout the entire album. And I truthfully love it. The song definitely showcases what is to come on the album.


Rest Your Love is a perfect second song for the album. It’s upbeat, more fun than the first song, and catchy, which is just about everything that you want in a second song. The only downside for me is that the chorus repeats upwards of 4 times, and there’s no change in vocals, tempo, or instrumentation at the end. It just sort of ends, but I can still see why it’s one of the singles off the album.


Unfortunately, I can’t give too much praise to Volcano (ft. Silento). I found it hard to listen through the song, because the rap part at the beginning really just didn’t sit well with me. I’m not a fan of modern day rap (you probably know Silento from Watch Me) and this was no exception. I was hoping for some redemption at the end of the track, but the song lasted for about thirty more seconds than it should have. Plus, the tempo is nearly identical to that of Rest Your Love and I found that this track should have been switched with track number four, Million Words. Not only is this the only time on the album where their sound is almost acoustic (like I said, I consider them in some sort of an electro sub genre), but it’s the first time we hear a slowed down tempo. And, to be frank, this is tied for my top pick of the album. There’s a section about two-thirds of the way through the song that is my favorite piece of the entire album.


For me, the next two tracks, Windmills and Stolen Moments are both quite forgettable, which is a shame. I would have liked the entire album better if Stolen Moments did not exist. It’s another attempt at a slow song, but unlike Million Words, this song doesn't work. I think that if Windmills had been moved down in the track list, it could work. But at this point in the album, it doesn't make me want to listen on. What saves the track, though, is that the ending is one of the best on the album, which is why I think it would fare better as track number eight or nine, but not five.


If Stolen Moments were not on the album, then I Found a Girl would be the perfect middle of the album song. Unfortunately, it is shared with the prior track as the two middle songs. Lyrically, this is the best song on the album. It showcases The Vamps as an open and thoughtful band. Much like She's Kinda Hot by Five Seconds of Summer, the song goes in an unexpected direction. I like this song a lot, but it’s mainly because it reminds me of a book I once read.


Be With You is forgettable at best. While writing this I can't remember really anything about it, and my notes say that I didn't care for it much.


Burn is the song that I see the most potential for growth in. The lyrics are probably my least favorite on the album. But, vocally and musically, there is so much that I can see in the future happening for this band. The lead singer does a sort of screaming that isn't really screaming but quite satisfying.


The final three songs remind me very much of Five Seconds of Summer. The Vamps head into a more punk genre. I’m not at all a fan of Cheater, and it’s one of the two songs that I think should be dropped from the album.


While the final two aren’t original as songs like Million Words and I Found a Girl, they're both very satisfying songs. Except for the fact that I think that Boy without a Car should be the last song on the album. It has a much more cathartic ending than that of Held by Me. And, the last song of the album shouldn't be so abrupt in ending. I think that the song that should be last is Written Off from the deluxe version of the album, because the ending is spectacular.


Wake Up could be a stellar album, but unfortunately the organization falls flat for me. There were a few songs that were real standouts and a couple that I could completely do without on the album. But, as The Vamps become more experienced musicians, I believe that they can head in a fantastic direction for the future, and can't wait to see how they evolve as a band.


*Favorites in bold :-)

Full Track List: Wake Up, Rest Your Love, Volcano (ft. Silento), Million Words, Windmills, Stolen Moments, I Found a Girl, Be with You, Burn, Cheater, Boy Without a Car, Held By Me



       3 out of 5



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