Winners of the Red Queen Competition!


Your stories were all read in this writing competition - now we're ready to announce the winners



The theme of this somewhat dark competition was power, or more poignantly put, it was betrayal. Based on the novel Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard, this competition was in need of stories that would thrill and chill the reader. There were amazing stories of all kinds written on this theme, along with the most wonderfully red, incredibly rich, real-enough-to-touch alternate books covers that were nothing short of mind-blowing. Here's more on the best of the competition from our winners below...  


Winners will receive copies of the sequel to the Red Queen, Glass Sword and other related books and prizes. We hope you enjoyed this competition - a big thanks to all those who participated - these were some powerful stories and vivid covers.



1st Place

Steel Queen by Dragon Rider Fangirl




2nd Place

I am Winter... by Jiangxi




3rd Place

The Burning Sensation Inside by Crystal Spirit


We tried, we really did, to pick just 1 best cover but there were so many and it was so difficult to choose just one and in the end we simply had to pick 2 winners instead because these covers are both amazing and deserving of the win. This just means double prizes now :-)


Best Cover

Red Queen: Alternate Cover by Villains




And Best Cover!

Red Queen Alternate Cover Two by B R Y N N A


Two honorable mentions we thought were fantastic in this competition - one is an equally mysterious and saddening story, the other a visually rich cover worthy of a queen.


The Assasin​ by W0lverine                                                                                                              



 Red queen ( alternate ) by Mystique_iris





All winners will be contacted by email!


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