Civil War: Movie Review

by , Wednesday June 1, 2016
Civil War: Movie Review

Civil War: Movie Review

Written by fictionbefourblood



I want to begin this review by stating that I am in no way an expert on the Marvel universe. I’m just someone who really enjoys watching superhero movies. I’m also someone who really loves Captain America, hence I went to see this movie, siding with #TeamCap, and I was not disappointed.


Captain America: Civil War is a movie that made me see the Avengers in a different light. That is, despite saving the world, they also somehow manage to destroy it. Due to their actions in Sokovia (I never got around to watching Age of Ultron!), they are given an ultimatum: sign the accords that puts the government in control of the Avengers, or simply retire. Of course, this divides the group (Tony vs Steve) and the tension is unbearable.


It all builds up to an epic showdown at an airport in which Spiderman (played by Tom Holland) and Ant Man (which I also haven’t watched!) make an appearance. I thought it was a good tactic with Spiderman since they definitely need to promote another reboot of these movies. It was definitely the most exciting scene. I was practically at the edge of my seat shouting “go Team Cap!”


If there’s one theme that is prominent in this movie, it’s friendship. Steve’s loyalty to Bucky defines a true friend, yet the ultimate showdown between Captain America and Iron Man was so difficult to watch because it tests this concept. At this point, I no longer wanted to choose a side but, reluctantly, I stayed loyal to Steve.


Overall, I loved this movie, not that I expected anything less. It’s full of action, suspense, humour, and heartbreak. There are so many additional characters, as can be expected from Marvel, but it was definitely a good thing. Having lots of superheroes in a single movie is so much better than just one (even if that one is Captain America!)


I’m not entirely sure which movie comes next… Avengers: Infinity War? There’s an extra scene after the credits though so definitely stay behind. And, whether you’ve already seen it or not, let me know in the comments which side you’re on!



      Rating 5/5



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