Another Movellas Instagram Takeover!

It's time for one of our infamous Instagram takeovers...

This week our Instagram channel movellasofficial will be taken over...and for the next 7 days!


The first day of Summer is soon and everything is sunny and cheerful. We've been working on a lot of things at Movellas for the upcoming season, and have decided that another Instagram Takeover is in order. We're always trying to post great Movellas-related things on social media but you movellians are a whole lot better at sharing the good stuff in reading & writing, so we're on the lookout for insight and inspiration. Starting from the end of this week we will have one of our movellians taking over the Movellas Instagram account!


The #movellastakeover has been happening almost every month, and for June you can all expect cool announcements, related mumbles, and other social media awesomeness from the first of June! Keep in mind that most of the activity on this, other than a few mumbles, will largely be taking place on the Movellas InstagramWe choose a user every month to takeover the Instagram account for a few days, and what the user chooses to post is up to them.


What "the takeover" entails...


There will be 1 to 5 photos posted every day during the takeover. It's only fair if some of these images involve books, but it's about how the user finds inspiration for their writing, so we're alright with other insight into what's going on in their world.


#movellastakeover this Friday, June 3 - Friday, June 10

We're often trying to find ways to expand our universe by letting the users become an even bigger part of Movellas. Now we're ready to introduce the next #movellastakeover on Instagram! Starting this Friday, WinterSoldier will be taking over our Movellas Instagram account. We don't really know what this movellian will post, but we'll see more after the takeover begins!






Rules for the Takeover

To participate in the Movellas takeover in the near future, you will need your own Instagram account so that the week of this event you will be able to follow us at Movellasofficial (and us the same in return). You are welcome to talk about the #movellastakeover on Instagram or your own Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.

  • Remember that you must make approximately 3 - 5 posts a day during the takeover. 
  • You will need to use the hashtag #movellastakeover or #movellas in each post, and whatever other hashtags you wish to include :-)
  • The pictures you post as a part of this need to be appropriate. Just follow the rule that if your folks came across it, would it still be as awesome of a post/picture?
  • We realize that it's your life & your "angle of the world" so it's nice if the posts are related to books & writing inspiration, but it's not required. It can be difficult to get ALL your posts to deal with those things and so we understand, but PLEASE do not post a deluge of food images/recipes!

Again, it is your life we're interested in and your personal touch we all want to see on the next Movellas takeover.


We're looking forward to the #movellastakeover! Check it out on Instagram :-)


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