Announcing Our Winners of the Pixar Competition!


Your stories and poems were all read in this formuliac writing competition - we're here to tell you about the winners



The delightful premise of this competition was more of a challenge: write a story that fits the formula we see in Pixar movies. Now we described the formula in more or less general terms and let you movellians loose on this competition. There was great poetry written on the fairytale theme, along with a plethora of fantasy, adventure, and even magic short stories. Those who entered this writing competition created some stunning covers too! Here's more on the best of the competition from our winners below...  


Winners will receive awesome pixar-themed books for prizes! We hope you all enjoyed this competition - special thanks to those who participated - your stories were nothing short of magical :-)



1st Place

How a Star Got a Name by Myla.Lastivka




2nd Place

Once There Was a Girl.. by Hermione10




3rd Place

Under the Bed by Mrs. Greenkins




Best Cover

Nookie and the Little Bird by NathanielStanley



An honorable mention that we thought was really good in this competition is the beginnings of a story about two brothers, their powers, and a revealing conversation...


Spells, Smoke and Teenage Rebels by IOU_221B




All winners will be contacted by email


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