Ready to be a Movellas Ambassador?

Why You Should Be a Movellas Ambassador

More on who ambassadors are, what they do, and why you should apply to be one in June!


As one may well imagine, there is a lot to running a writing website and supporting an online community of amazing authors and creative movellians. The Movellas Team works hard in doing many things, but we also have help. Every year, we select a group of Movellas Ambassadors. This is a small group made up of users that are super active, helpful members of the community.


What's special about being an ambassador? A ton of things actually. These movellians help us create many of the new writing competitions you see on the website, read and judge competition entries, write blog posts, and keep an eye on all things awesome on Movellas. Ambassadors do more than read and write too, they also help us find hidden gems of stories to promote, make some humorous material we love to share on our social media, and recommend amazing stories they've read. Other times being an ambassador means communicating with the Community Manager when there are glitches or bugs, suggesting new features and improvements, and participating in group discussions on Movellas covering a wide range of topics.  


Being an ambassador means that you get to help Movellas become a better place to read and write, it also means that you have duties. These are responsibilities all ambassadors have and include everything from providing constructive criticism on stories or letting us know if you come across instances of bullying, harassment, or trolling. You'd be surprised what it all takes to keep the Movellas machine in check, and ambassadors are a big part of it! 


If you're curious, read more about what our Movellas ambassadors do, because there's much more to it than meets the eye! If you're interested in being an ambassador, we will be posting a blog calling for applications this June (that's next month!) The blog will explain what we are looking for in our ambassadors, as well as their applications. Being an ambassador is work, but it's also fun to help everyone here on Movellas too :-)


We've been brainstorming and there will be some new and exciting things for our 2016 ambassadors - so stay tuned!


~The Movellas Team


What's your reason for becoming an ambassador?


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