Dear Diary Winner For April 2016


Congrats to our April winner of the Dear Diary competition!


April has come and gone and we're already in the last month of the Dear Diary competition! It's been almost a year-long writing competition so we've had many winners and many still amazing, honest, and heartfelt diaries to read. We've been quite impressed at all of you who entered your diaries and continually updated them with all that was going on in your lives, no matter what that may be. We're here now to announce the winner of last month's Dear Diary Competition.


There's less than 1 month left in this competition, so please keep writing and updating your diary entries until May 31.


Remember that you can still enter at any time and all you have to do is keep updating your diary to be eligible to win! Each winner receives a journal from Work Style.



Our new winner is... *drumroll please*



WINNER (for April)

Me, Myself, and Quite a Few Others

by Vine Owl


April's winner is a great diary on the subtleties and surprises in the life of our writer. Through the course of the entries, some very exciting things happen and what's more is the author's optimistically honest point of view and humorous observations about school, friends, and budding romance... 


This diary had us cheering for the author from the beginning as she goes about explaining the momentous events leading up the chapter titled "A... Boyfriend?!?!" We think this is a good story to read, and not just for the entertaining dialogue that makes up a lot of the diary. One entry we love:


"Last period, the whole grade met up on the old tennis court. The teachers passed out water balloons and we each got a partner. Mine was my cousin, Mika. We tossed the water balloon back and forth. I have no idea how it was educational, but it was somehow. Finally the balloon exploded at Mika's feet. Not much water got on her, but some unlucky classmates got splattered with the water balloons and they're soaking wet. As I head home, I think today really wasn't as bad as I imagined it'd be. In fact it was pretty awesome."

(From the Chapter titled: "The First Day of School") 


These are exciting times Vine Owl, and it seems that 7th grade is going to be as awesome as it sounds! All the best from all of us at Movellas :-)



Remember that the deadline for this competition is May 31, 2016! You can enter the Dear Diary competition at any time - we re-read the entries every month, so there is still a chance to win as long as you keep updating!


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