Winners of the Allegiant Competition


Stories inspired by The Divergent Series have been read in this competition - now we'd like to announce the winners!



This competition was made for those who love The Divergent Series - and the fans showed up in fine form, we can tell from your entries :-) We had some great oneshots and it was equally impressive to see you all write on this whole - let's face it, somewhat dystopian - theme. We loved the covers that matched your entries, but the stories were where the heart was in this competition.  


Winners will receive copies of Insurgent dvds, books, and other fun surprises from Movellas! We hope you all enjoyed this writing competition - thank you to those who participated - your stories did the book series (and movies) serious justice.



1st Place - Fanfiction

The Choosing Ceremony by Rosa.Calder




Runner Up - Fanfiction

Breathe in... by W0lverine




1st Place - not fanfiction

Colours by The Force Of Storms




Runner Up - not fanfiction

Z by Infinite_Exho



An honorable mention that we especially liked in this competition is a great fanfiction story about friendship that bites!


Nowhere to Call Home by Hermione10


All winners will be contacted by email. 

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