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by , Thursday May 12, 2016
Everything Fanfiction

Everything Fanfiction!

a blog written by Mirlotta explaining some fanfiction 101



Okay so, first things first: I’m not going to lie to you, there’s a lot going on with fanfiction. A lot of original writers look down on it, and for people new to the medium, it’s easy to be overwhelmed and confused. But, don’t worry! This blog is here to tell you everything you need to know to bluff your way through the world of fanfic.


What is Fanfiction?

All right, all right. It seems obvious, but you have no idea of all the weird misconceptions some people have about fanfiction. Fanfiction, according to Urban Dictionary, is ‘when someone takes either the story or characters (or both) of a certain piece of work (whether it be a TV show, book, movie, etc.) and create their own story based on it.’ And, really, that’s a pretty solid definition. Fanfiction is not all badly written fantasies where the main character has fourteen kids with a famous band member by the first chapter. Fanfiction is not inferior to original fiction. Fanfiction is not all written by horny 13 year old girls.


Types of Fanfiction

This particular section could stretch on forever, so I’m going to try and keep it as short as I can (I’m getting the feeling that this is going to turn into a reallyyyy long blog… Sorry?) Basically, there’s no one way to write a fanfiction, but there are a few common subgenres that pop up a lot. Obviously, there’s typical fanfiction - the canon characters in their canon world, written just as you’d write an original story. But then, there’s also…


Crossover Fanfiction

This is when you take characters/world structure from one fictional universe, and characters/world structure from another fictional universe… and then you smush it all together so  you end up with Katniss Everdeen at Hogwarts, or whatever. Check out my blog on the subject if you need further explanation. 



Songfics are fanfiction based on the lyrics of songs, often with the lyrics to the song interspersed throughout the story.



I fully endorse badfics on Movellas, as often they’re completely hilarious. Badfics are fanfiction that is purposely rubbish, making jokes of every popular cliché or trope in the fandom.



One shots are fanfiction that are only a chapter in length.



I LOVE AUs SO MUCH YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND. AU stands for alternate universe, and it’s when you put fictional characters into a different world/setting/background. So, for example, if you took Sam and Dean Winchester and wrote a fanfic where they worked as bin men, that would be an AU.


Fanfiction Jargon

On top of all those types of fanfic to remember, fanfiction writers often seem to speak a whole other language. Here are a couple of definitions for words that crop up time and time again.



Okay, you definitely need to know what shipping is. Most fanfic has some kind of romantic plotline, and shipping is the name for when you think two characters should be a couple. For example, if you shipped Sebastian Moran and Moriarty (which you totally should), you’d basically just want them to get together.



This refers to things that happen in the official work.



These are details that the fandom have made up and become so attached to that they’re generally accepted as true by the fans.



Cute, light-hearted fanfic. Often humorous. Rarely explicitly rated.



Serious fanfic that probably leaves you sobbing forty minutes after you’ve finished reading it.



This means out of character. Say, if you wrote a fanfic where Arya Stark goes to King’s Landing and has a fight with Sansa over who wants to marry Joffrey more. That would be Arya written really OOC.



Own characters in your fanfic that are original, made up by you. Sometimes people do this the wrong way, and make their OCs into self inserts that turn into Mary Sues.


Mary Sues

Perfect characters that have no faults. Often based on the author. And, no, the fact that your character has violet eyes is not a fault. Nor is the fact that all of 5sos are in love with her :-)


Popular Fandoms

You can write fanfic on literally anything. It’s great. Luckily on Movellas there are loads of subgenre categories to encompass all the fanfiction you can think of writing! (I think at one point there was even lemon fanfiction, lmao)


One Direction Fanfiction is, of course, a classic. I am in no way an expert on it (ahhahahhaha until about two years after they got popular, I was convinced that Niall was called Neil) but there are some brilliant fanfics out there!


On Movellas, I would recommend: Labels by @OhHipstaPlease


Supernatural Fanfiction is probably the most popular on the web as a whole, with widely acknowledged titles such as Twist and Shout dominating. Destiel is the most popular ship on the internet, even beating Johnlock (quite rightly, as well.)


On Movellas, I would recommend: Close Your Eyes by @Prodigy


Sherlock Fanfiction is also great, although let’s not mention the show’s FOUR. YEAR. HIATUS. But either way, the fanfiction is still pure gold.


On Movellas, I would recommend: Unexpected by @River_Summers


My favourite fanfiction genre at the moment is Haikyuu!! Fanfiction, which is one of the biggest anime fanfiction genres across the internet as a whole. Unfortunately, there’s not much of this on Movellas at the moment, but I hope that this can change!


Still, don’t think that your fanfiction is only constrained to popular genres. Here on Movellas, we have brilliant Lord of the Flies Fanfiction (Check out The Fire on The Island by @Rose, and even Movellas Fanfiction - such as, A Scandal in Movellia by @Cangku Shisan).


So, go forth! Cherish your ships! Write the fanfiction of your dreams!

(And I hoped this blog helped a little if anyone was vaguely confused about how to fanfic. J)



A big thanks to Mirlotta for writing this informative blog and to sakura❀ for creating the banner!


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