The 5th Wave: A Movie Review

by , Wednesday May 11, 2016
The 5th Wave: A Movie Review

The 5th Wave: The Movie

Another great film review written by fictionbefourblood



The first wave took out half a million people.

The second wave put that number to shame.

The third wave lasted a little longer, twelve weeks… four billion dead.

In the fourth wave, you can’t trust that people are still people.

The fifth wave? No one knows. But it’s coming.


The 5th Wave is an adaptation of Rick Yancey’s novel, the first of a trilogy set in a post-apocalyptic world taken over by aliens. If you’ve read it, the movie does it complete justice. It felt like I was watching the book, and for that reason I was quite disappointed. I know it’s a bookworm’s dream to see a novel being adapted so accurately, but it also takes away the excitement and suspense as a movie goer since you know exactly what’s going to happen!


It started off pretty well. I liked the addition of the flashbacks that showed the first four waves since it wasn’t explored much in the novel. They set up the relationship between Cassie and her little brother Sam really nicely, which is central to the story. I liked the development of her relationship with Evan, but her relationship with her dad seemed to lack something and her crush on Ben Parrish was just extremely cheesy. I did, however, love Ben Parrish’s character as Zombie, and his squad: Nugget, Teacup, Oompa, Dumbo, Pound Cake, and Ringer. It was one of my favourite things about the book.


Although it was executed well, the entire movie just seemed to lack something. As a film, they could have added a lot more conflict. It was a weak ending. Cassie goes into the alien led military camp and finds Sam without any resistance from alien soldiers. She only bumps into Ben Parrish and he helps her rescue Nugget since that was also his reason for being there. It just seemed too easy. If aliens are clever enough to trick humans into killing humans, are they dumb enough to not notice a rescue mission taking place and stop it?


I know this was how it happened in the book, but there was just so much potential that it was a let-down. The movie seemed promising, and I was quite disappointed. It’s no surprise that there has been no news of a sequel yet, based upon the second book The Infinite Sea. I’d be shocked if it does get made due to the poor box office performance of the first one, but I’d definitely want to see it!


Still, I guess it’s not the end of the world (no pun intended!) for fans of the series if they don’t make the second movie. There’s still the final book, The Last Star to look forward to.



      Rating 3/5



Thank you to fictionbefourblood for writing this film review :-)

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