New Face at Movellas

by , Tuesday May 3, 2016
New Face at Movellas

Welcome Astrid to the Movellas Team!

Our new Community Manager


Hello to all in the ever expanding Movellas universe.


My name is Astrid, I just started at Movellas, and I can’t wait to be acquainted with all of your amazing people who capture words and turn them into myriads of equally amazing stories.


My daily work schedule includes judging writing competitions, writing blogs, and posting social media content. It's hard not to be immediately taken in by the incredible cozy atmosphere at this creative workplace, both from the people behind Movellas and all you writers who provide us with all these fantastic stories to read.


I have a graduate degree in culture & communication and journalism, and I've always loved to write, read, and just getting lost in a good story - be it book or movie!


My love of reading has followed me throughout my life, and one can never be too old for a genre or author. Personally, I have recently focused on the crime genre and biographies, but my taste is wide and open to all. All-time favorites are John Steinbeck, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Jane Austen, the Brontë sisters, Margaret Mitchell, Anthony Burgess, and Nicci French. One could go on ...


In my spare time, I work as a film critic so the Danish cinema has almost become like a second home to me. In addition, I enjoy life with my fiancé, family, and friends.


I can’t wait to see your imagination being transformed into a lot of good stories and to get to learn everyone on Movellas more :)


 You can find me on Movellas under @AstridNorris or email me at:

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