The Poetry Project Winners!

by , Monday May 9, 2016
The Poetry Project Winners!


Your poems were all read and judged in this challenging competition - now we're announcing the winners!



This competition was focused on writing poetry. Tons of poems were written on a wide variety of subjects from romance, death, greed, grief, regret, and beauty. Poetry isn't the easiest to write, and we were pleasantly surprised at the sheer amount of entries in this competition alone! Poets and otherwise lyrical movellians who entered this writing competition also made some great covers - any objections to a best cover award in the next poetry competition? We're honored to present the best of these poems below...  


Winners will get some amazing poetry books as prizes. We hope you enjoyed this competition - thank you to all those who participated - your poems were magnificent and a true show of the rhyming and writing skills that can be found on Movellas.



1st Place

Pardon? by A Lawless




2nd Place

When The Night Begins by Rose




3rd Place

Persephone by Iris Proctor


One honorable mention that we liked in this competition is a descriptive poem about a war not so long ago...


The Crimson Crimea by Black Atlas






All winners will be contacted by email :-)

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