How to Write a Kissing Scene

by , Friday May 6, 2016
How to Write a Kissing Scene

How to Write a Kissing Scene

Your characters are just about to kiss, but how do you write that awesome kissing scene?



By Sofie R. E.


Your protagonist is just about to kiss someone when suddenly, you stop. How should you write your kissing scene?


A kissing scene is a magic moment - one of the most intimate things your character can experience. Therefore you HAVE to nail it!


The structure of the kiss

A kiss is basically like a story itself - some build-up, the kiss, and the fade-out. When you write a story, you don't just go directly to the climax - it's the same thing with kissing. The build-up and the fade-out are important! The kiss loses its magic if your characters just go back to normal right away. A kiss is so much more than just lips meeting - and to create the perfect kissing scene you have to know what lies in the subtext of the kiss. What do your characters think? Is it their first kiss? Or a break-up kiss? Is the kiss unexpected? Or has your protagonist been waiting for this for years? Do they know each other? Is he/she an ex? Best friend? ...A stranger?


If your character gets home from a party where she just kissed someone else, and then meets her boyfriend, who then in turn kisses her - ALL this will influence the kiss. The boyfriend might have missed his girlfriend and therefore he will kiss her in a way that is passionate and romantic. She will maybe try to get out of the kiss because she feels guilty. Or she might try to make it more intimate because she wants to forget.


The build-up

The build-up makes the reader be like "JUST KISS!" In reality, you don't just kiss like that without a build-up. The build-up can be eye contact. Or maybe a hot fight that is getting more and more intense, just before they kiss.


The kiss

The kiss should be more than just "his lips touched mine" - use variety. Try to build up the kiss, so it's not just all wild from the beginning, but maybe first just lips and then tongue moving on to something more intimate.The reader should want to know: how will this kiss turn out?


The fade-out

The fade-out is very important because here we get the reaction to the kiss. Who is the main character? Who is the kissing partner? Does he get up and go? Or do they kiss again?


How detailed should it be?

The thing about kissing scenes is to show, don't tell. You have to show the kiss, so the reader feels the kiss on their own lips. Try to write "his lips touched mine" instead of just "he kissed me."


Quick and short

Use short descriptions when there is no deeper meaning in the kiss - no drama, like when your protagonist's boyfriend is kissing her like he always does. Here you are allowed to just write a description like "he kissed me passionately." Short descriptions should not be used for kissses that involve feelings or drama - like if your protagonist kisses her ex at a party.



Medium descriptions are perfect for the kisses that mean something, but also aren't key in the story - like a first kiss that comes unexpected. Something like this would be described - because your character is pretty suprised herself, and then the kiss might be short, and the aftermath is more important than the kiss itself.


Detalied and passionate

Detailed descriptions are for kisses that involves a lot of hard feelings and drama. For example if your protagonist kisses her boyfriend for the last time before a break-up. The kiss is a big part of the plot and a big deal to your protagonist therefore you should describe what is happening in the kiss and how it feels! Be careful though - no one wants to read a 4 pages long kiss.


It's all about the details

Avoid the clichés. The clue to a perfect kissing scene is the details. Make the kiss special. Make it matter. Make it more than just a kiss.


What kind of kiss is it? Snogging? A french kiss? A single-lip kiss? A kiss is more than just a kiss...


Get inspired with ways to kiss here!


How does the kiss feel? How does it taste? Can the character feel breath against their lips? Does he/she bite their lip?


A kiss is more about just the lips. What about the hands? Are they at the cheek?The leg? The back? The hair?


Which kissing scene is your favorite? Is it in your own movella or your favorite book/movella?






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