Meet The Vamps

by , Friday April 22, 2016
Meet The Vamps

Meet The Vamps

Movellas is happy to introduce The Vamps – four boys who are ready to add something to the pop landscape!


This British boy band has been compared to One Direction and are more than on their way to a worldwide breakthrough.


It all started with a connection on social media, when James McVey met Brad Simpson over Youtube in 2011. Soon after, another two boys were added to the formation: Connor Ball and Tristan Evans and the circle was complete. The boys debuted on the national popscene in 2014 with their first album “Meet the Vamps.”


Now everyone is dancing to hit songs like “Can we dance” or “I found a girl,” and well into their world tour, the boys are ready to show the world that they are more than another One Direction clone.


Fun info about the members:


James McVey (born in 1994) founded the band, is the lead guitarist, and sings backing vocals. He keeps his body superstar fit and proudly shows off on his Instagram. He is a self-confessed nerd and loves history and World of Warcraft. He enjoys to go into the wild or be at the seaside. He is a big fan of chick-flicks, chocolate, and Taylor Swift. :)

His twittername is @thevampsjames


Bradley Simpson (born in 1995) co-founded the band with James McVey. He sings lead vocals and plays guitar, but he can also play the piano and ukulele.  He has a dog called Jesse, which he frequently post pictures with on Instagram. His favourite ever ice cream is Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough and the secret to his very cool hairstyle is … that his mum still cuts it.

His twittername is @thevampsbrad


Tristan Evans (born in 1994) plays drums and sings backing vocals. He began playing drums at the age of 7 and in 2010 he won the “Young Drummer Of The Year” Award. He has a pet horse and pet rabbit. When he was younger, he would even run around his house roaring like a lion after watching ‘The Lion King’. These says, he likes to impress girls by twerking and he would like to date an older woman.

His twittername is @thevampstristan


Connor Ball (born in 1996) plays bass guitar and sings backing vocals. In 2015, Connor became the Scottish Fashion Icon of the Year. His best friend is his pet lizard Rex, and it is a known fact in the band that Connor is the best dancer. He is the youngest one and the last one to join the band. He loves to sleep and he hates moths.

His twittername is  @Thevampscon


Here on Movellas we can’t get enough of their fresh summer loving look and happy popstyle, and we look forward to seeing your reactions to The Vamps. Their fans are called The Vampettes - how cool is that?


So what do you Movellians think? Do they scream fanfiction? Are these guys the next big thing?! Will you change from being a Belieber or Directioner to a Vampette? Or just stay a Movellian ;)


We have a competition all about The Vamps, so check it out! 


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