Winners from the Bad Boy Competition

by , Thursday April 21, 2016
Winners from the Bad Boy Competition

Your stories have been read in this bad-to-the bone competition - now we're ready to talk about the winners!



This writing competition was all about bad boys. Many thrilling stories were written on the topic as entries examined the bad boy from every angle - from the attitude to the irresistible style :-) As well as formulating entries as fanfiction stories, the movellians who participated in this competition wrote on the bad boy theme, some drew their own fanart, and many designed cool covers to match their entries. We're psyched to present the best of the best from all we read.  


Winners will receive iTunes giftcards and books as prizes. We hope you enjoyed this competition on Movellas - thank you to those who took part in it - your entries would make bad boys everywhere quite proud.



Best Bad Boy Fanfic

Kaleidoscope by Oh Hipsta Please




Best Cover

That Bass Hole by Sanguine




Best Video Trailer

E L L I A S Book Trailer by NathanielStanley




Best Fanart

E L L I A S Fanart by NathanielStanley




One worthy mention we'd like to make a note of in this competition is a brilliant short story about a bad boy named Adam Taurus...


Wolf in Sheep's Clothing by Victoria Raven





All winners will be contacted by email!

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