Dear Diary Winner For March 2016!

by , Friday April 15, 2016
Dear Diary Winner For March 2016!


Congratulations to our winner of the Dear Diary competition for the month of March



Spring is here, there, and in the air and amidst all the activity that comes with the season, we were impressed to see all of you updating your diaries with so much news and great stories from your everyday. Now we're here to announce something as exciting as the season - the winner of last month's Dear Diary Competition!


There are only 2 months to go in this competition, so please keep writing in your diaries... 


Remember that you can still enter at any time and all you have to do is keep updating your diary to be eligible to win! Each winner receives a handy journal from Work Style.



Our newest winner is... *drumroll please*



WINNER (for March)

Diary of a Spongey Star

by spongebobninja☕️


This month's winner is a diary with short but sweet entries and some humorous observations about life. Through the course of these diary entries, March being a particularly active month, lots of exciting things happened! What's more wonderful is the author's rather cheerful tone and honest thoughts, even when it's commenting that "Nothing else interesting happens. Nothing in general happens in my life, really!" 


This diary had us smiling early on as she addresses her readers in the spirit of staying tuned in to what was going on in her world. We think this is also a part of her New Year's resolutions, and what a good resolution keeping a diary is! One entry we'd love to quote from now was just another day (in March:-) in the life of spongebobninja☕️:


"Well today our year level went to see an expo about car crashes and dangerous driving. They did a little 'skit' of a car crash and wow, it's terrifying to think about driving now. They also put on a 'fake' funeral for a person who died in a car crash and it was really sad. Now I'm scared to drive.."

(From the Chapter titled: "March 17th") 


It's a scary world out there ninja, we can only encourage you to be brave but we're totally there with you, through all the schoolwork, nostalgia, and "happyness" :-)



Remember that the deadline for the competition is May 31, 2016. You can enter the Dear Diary competition at any time - we re-read the entries every month, so there are still chances to win as long as you keep updating!


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