Tips on Writing Blogs

by , Monday April 11, 2016
Tips on Writing Blogs

Tips on Writing Blogs!

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I see so many people asking how to write blogs. What are people interested in? When will they lose interest? How can I achieve the right balance? That’s why I have written this blog: to provide some tips to all of you who are wondering how to do it.


First, come up with a topic. Tips are generally more favoured than random ones, but if you can get the readers involved then that’s good. Most people like explanations of things, especially when it’s written in English, not the indecipherable jargon used in technical articles. If you can break it down into a list of ideas, or tips, then it’s best to do that; it’s easier to come back to listed items rather than searching for one item through the entire piece.


Second, decide on your angle. You might want to do a blog post on Gandalf and Dumbledore, but an angle would be whether or not Gandalf is better than Dumbledore. Without an angle, the blog post has no opinion or voice, which is one of the key factors of an interesting blog. It’s like those English essays; they are tedious to write, but even more so to read.


My third tip would be to choose your type of voice. There are so many ways to write blogs that it’s not even funny. You might write it as if you are a friend of the readers, or as if you are trying to be one of the readers, acknowledging all sides. If you can’t decide on your voice, then simply do whatever feels most natural to you.


Fourth, don’t make your blog post too long. Some posts need to be a certain length, but the longer the post, the less interested people are. In all honesty, I would advise against more than 800 words, and I find that people have their attention captured more by around 500 words. Too many and you lose your audience. A lot of people will skim an article, or look at the bar before reading it, while others might get halfway through and realise they’re only halfway through and stop. Keeping it a readable length is best for the readers.


Lastly, if you aren’t concerned with the actual writing of the blog and just want to know how you can write for Movellas, contact Skye at with a blog idea and an angle ready, and you might end up writing for the website!


This guide is more for writing blogs on Movellas, and the style used for them, rather than writing blogs in general - though the same tips can be applied in other types of blogging!


Got any blog-writing tips you’d like to share?


A big thank you to Sanguine for writing this blog and creating the banner :-)


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