Our New Year's Competition Winners

by , Thursday April 7, 2016
Our New Year's Competition Winners


Your resolutions were read in this de novo competition - now we're ready to tell you about the winners



2016 has been wondeful so far, but the year is far from over! This marvelous competition was about your new year's resolutions - those promises and inspiration on what you wanted your 2016 to include, as well as some reflections from the past year. Your movellas were written in different forms - some of you wrote stories about a wild and fun New Year's scene, some of you wrote about your steadfast (and brilliant:-) resolutions, and others wrote a poem detailing their thoughts on the matter :-) The movellians who took part in this writing competition gave us a glimpse into the future, and it was fun :-P We're proud to present the best entries we read here!  


Winners will receive Amazon giftcards to purchase a prize inspired by their resolutions. Originally we were going to award calenders to 2nd and 3rd place, but we realize it's April already :-/ and so we're sending giftcards so that if you still want to, you may use it pick your own calender on Amazon, or a more useful prize of your choice. We really hope you all enjoyed this competition on Movellas - thank you to all those who participated - your resolutions were inspiring, and are making us wish we'd published Movellas' resolutions too... 



1st Place

My New Years Resolutions by BethanyInCandyland




2nd Place

My 2015 by ♠ Aldrin ♠




3rd Place

New Year's Resolutions by Dahlia Rose




One honorable mention that was a part of this competition is a great movella worth reading!


One More Year by Mayor Moth





All winners will be contacted by email. 


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