Features on Movellas

by , Tuesday April 5, 2016
Features on Movellas

Time to talk about another feature you can find on Movellas!

What are Lists, and how do they work?



For this "Features on Movellaspost, we are going to talk about Lists. What are Lists? Some of you may know and have already created some lists of your own, there may be others who have never noticed this feature before. The Lists feature is a simple one that functions much like it sounds in allowing you to create, edit, share, like, and manage your own lists. 


What kind of lists you might be wondering? When you go to create a list you are given the option of either making a list of "People" or "Movellas." This allows you to link everything on your list to the story or user profile you are referring to. Others users will be able to see lists they are on, or the lists their movellas have been added to, so this can be great for anyone looking for followers, underappreciating their wonderful movellas, or just for connecting users. For the examples listed (ha!) here, we have used lists created by Prodigy (sorry to put you and your awesome lists on the spot like this, we should have warned you but let's be honest, these are good examples). 


You can of course list things via mumbles and using other means on Movellas, but using the Lists feature you are able to create and manage any number of your own lists specific to the topic of your choice. Your Lists will always be found in the options listed underneath your username in the top right-hand corner of your Movellas page. In addition, you will be able to see the description, creator/author of the list, as well as when it was created and last updated.


Fellow movellians can view, like, and comment on the Lists themselves. Other users can like your lists, share them, etc. - just like everywhere else on Movellas :-) Unlike Mumbles, Lists won't disapear in your feed, and you will always be able to find them listed on your profile. 


Whatever it is you want to keep track of, Lists is a great place to start. For those of you that are fans of organization, it can be a really helpful tool in making your own notes on what stories you love, would recommend, or your own movellas you want to finish ;-) Putting people on your lists is a great way to connect with other movellians, let everyone know who to turn to for something specific like contructive criticism, or just to point out some people that you think are cooler than cool on Movellas.


When you first create a list, you are able to make your list open (so everyone can view it), or private, it's up to you. Other users may even stumble upon lists when viewing their own movellas, which can be quite inspiring! (Like the example on the right.) There is no limit to the amount of Lists you may create. There are tons of super fun ways to use Lists, so we want to encourage you all to make the most of this feature on Movellas!


Sometimes features like Lists get lost in all that's already going on with the website, so we'd like to point out the existence and usefulness of this great feature. We're going to have more Features on Movellas posts as we go, in explaining some of the things you can do in being a part of the website.


Please let us know if you have any questions about Lists or the way they work as we are always reading and looking for ways to help our users make the most of what Movellas has to offer. If you know all about Lists already - stay tuned! We'll be covering lesser known features as we go, so don't hesitate to check out some of the options for writing & sharing in the Movellas community. 




Tune in next week more of the great things already found on Movellas!


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