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More on Lyricism

Why it's awesome, what it entails, and why we all should write more lyrics



Lyricism is a weird form of art. Nobody takes it seriously unless you can put it to music as well  but on its own it’s something truly unique. I’m a pretty prolific lyricist, and I can’t write music. But I know how each track goes and, when I do get around to learning guitar and writing my own songs, I know exactly how they’ll work.


The only way to get rid of this little belief that lyrics can’t be complete unless there’s music to go with it is to write lyrics yourself. You’ll get the flow, you’ll see the beauty you’re creating, and I can pretty much guarantee you will love it! You don’t have to be a brilliant poet; lyricism is a completely different art form anyway. All you need is a subject. All you need is inspiration.


Since the dawn of time people have written songs about love (well, not since the beginning of time, but since the emergence of paraphernalia that allows one to scribble down words). Love is that topic that turns up on pretty much every album ever released. Lyricism doesn’t force you to breach horizons never before breached, it merely asks you to add your own little twist to it. You don’t have to write about problems with cracking to create fuel, because it might be original but hell, it’d be boring. You can write about love. You can create your own voice within that much used topic. I’ve written nearly 800 songs now (some of them are so bad I daren’t read them, never mind share them) but I have so many inspired by love. Some are stereotypical, and some have my twisted additions (the line ‘your sister’s so much hotter than you’ being my personal favourite:-).


However, like everything, you won’t be good straight away. You’ll write something and you’ll think it’s OK. Then one day you’ll write something better, and think that it is the most awesome thing ever. As time progresses, you’ll grow into your own style, you’ll look back on those early attempts and hate them. But then you’ll look at the things you’ve achieved, and it’ll give you an overbearing sense of pride.


Lyrics give you that chance to create your own style while paying homage to artists that inspire you. I listen to songs and think 'I never use that sort of format in my songs.' Then I realize that sort of format just isn’t my style, and I don’t have to use it.


I’m not advising that you go away and write ten albums worth of lyrics (though I cannot ever just write ONE song. It always grows into an album’s worth). Maybe just try and write one. Once you start, you’ll be self-motivated, and soon you’ll find you’ve racked up a pretty substantial amount of tracks.


So good luck, dear Movellians. I hope to see some lyrics from you all!



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