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Our author has written many a great movella, designs some seriously cool covers, and is more notably a skilled photographer. We all know him from his honest, heartfelt mumbles and the encouragement and support he brings to the community here. We're proud to announce that the Movellas' Author of the Month is Squonk of the Nightshade! Below you can find our interview with this amazing writer & designer in learning more about the person behind the Squonk :-) We're happy to announce that the Author of the Month for April 2016 is...



 Squonk of the Nightshade


It seems ages ago now but it was sitting around a campfire one night on scout camp. A friend and I were talking about reading and writing. She told me about a site that she wrote her stories on. That night, using my phone, I signed up and started to write. I’d been writing for a few years, in fact I had a failed NaNoWriMo attempt behind me. I always feel indebted to the girl who introduced me to this fantastic community, and indeed she went on to feature in one or two stories.


Which three words best describes you?

Loyal, shy, open-minded


Where do you find inspiration for your writing?

All around me. Life is such a rich source for inspiration. Whether it is walking down the street, sat in a café or sitting in a park, I get ideas and characters for my stories. Imagination is a wonderful tool and just observing everything around me has been pivotal in sparking thoughts which have eventually found their way onto the pages of my stories. My favourite book series, like the Chronicles of Narnia, provide other origins to ignite my fertile imagination. Lately my writing has been based on my life. I have found motivation and courage from the words I’ve written in the past few months and am grateful for some of the comments I have had. 


Who is your favorite author (outside of Movellas) and what are you reading these days?

Wow, what an incredibly hard question, it’s so subjective as well as being like the slipping sands of the desert. I have drawn succor and inspiration from a variety of authors as diverse as CS Lewis and Mark Haddon, Anthony McGowan to Siobhan Dowd. My favourite book is Round the Bend by Nevil Shute, but I guess if I’m honest Marcus Sedgwick is the author I admire the most. His rich storytelling style encompasses a wide genre. His craft as a wordsmith is second to none. Read White Crow or Blood Red, Snow White to see what I mean.

Right now I am reading The Year of the Runaways by Sunjeev Sahota. It’s ironically the story of a group of Indians who come to live in my home town of Sheffield. 


What are you writing at the moment?

I’m currently just started a story called Rebellion. It’s a fantasy story about finding a portal into another world. It features injustice, princesses and an evil Queen. Once again it will feature Tom, my main character, and despite the fantasy genre will endeavor to infuse it with some of the problems of our world. I hope I can find the strength and inspiration needed to finish it.


Which one of your Movellas would you recommend others to read?

Ah, well there are two that strike me. Maybe I should have added indecisiveness to my qualities as well ;) Remarkably they are both finished articles. I will just mention ‘Above Us Only Sky’, as it was such a personal story for me.


However, I guess the story I will most be remembered for is Going Underground. It’s the story of a group of young writers, the Movellas Nightshade family, and their efforts to overthrow a draconian government shaped by the polices of Michael Gove. At the time, Gove had advocated that schools only used certain books for exams. I postulated this to take in lots more freedoms and that with the rise of UKIP wondered if a right wing government was elected to Britain and tried to restrict people’s thoughts.


It features quite a few movellians, sadly not all of them are now active on here. At just under 50,000 words it’s quite long but features love, comradeship, intrigue, and death. On the way the friends find out more about themselves and are prepared to do anything to overthrow their adversary. I really enjoyed writing it, it helped me, as all my writing does, cope with my life.


"Here we were on the moors of England, or maybe Scotland, being fired at by the English Border Control. Totally unbelievable being attacked by people who were supposed to be protecting us, keeping us safe. I pushed Zee into the cab and sat behind the wheel. Looking at the scene through the window was like watching a computer game. I saw Rubeus fell three soldiers who advanced towards him with a couple of swings with the claymore.

I heard a scream from Prez as one of the advancing figures grabbed hold of her. I started to move but Ahlaam put her hand out to stop me. What I thought I could do against these armed forces, I didn’t know. I saw a couple of them grab JK. Reubus for a minute was caught in two minds as if what to do, you could see the indecision in his movement, the soldiers saw it too and moved in on him..."


I hope you enjoy it. 



Read Going Underground by Squonk of the Nightshade


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Thank you for all your writing and pictures, Squonk of the Nightshade, may there be more to come <3


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