Movie Review: Allegiant from the Divergent Series!

Movie Review: Allegiant 

a review by fictionbefourblood of the newest film in the Divergent Series...



The Divergent Series: Allegiant is the latest addition to the hit YA franchise that’s not The Hunger Games. After shocking revelations at the end of Insurgent, Tris and Four go beyond the wall enclosing Chicago to uncover even more truths that will change their lives forever.


Whilst critics have not particularly been raving about this movie, I saw it (twice) and loved it. I’m trying to be unbiased with my review here; I was genuinely very surprised and impressed. Every single person involved did such a great job. There was plenty of action, romance, and comedy. I could talk about Fourtris all day and praise Theo James’ acting, but I want to take a slightly different approach to your typical movie review.


Much like the transition between Divergent and Insurgent, Allegiant seems to pick up right where the last one left off, but we also get the sense that some time has passed since Tris’ hair has miraculously grown a few inches. During this time, a war is brewing; Evelyn and her Factionless army vs Johanna and the ‘Allegiant.’


As the war threatens to tear Chicago apart, Tris and her allies escape the only city and family they've ever known in hopes of finding a solution and restoring peace. What they discover instead is a wasteland that, despite resembling Mars, represents a world destroyed by human greed; and this may indeed be our future if we don’t pay attention to issues like climate change.


Arriving at the futuristic O’Hare airport that is home to the Bureau of Genetic Welfare, Tris and Four meet the new additions to the cast (Jeff Daniels, Bill Skarsgard, Nadia Hilker) and their relationship is seriously put to the test because they don’t know who to trust. However, complications within relationships go far beyond just two lovers in this movie. It is also a story about a mother and her son, and a brother and his sister, and each one moved me to tears.


I was quite skeptical about the excessive use of CGI and special effects from the trailer, but it honestly wasn’t as bad as it first appeared. Whilst there are no flying houses in this one, there are plasma globes that make you float, weird cleansing shower gel, and mini drones. But, the surveillance tech was definitely the most impressive. I love how they used it to switch back and forth from what was going on in the city to back at the Bureau.


In my opinion, this may be the best of the Divergent Series yet. But the one thing I love more than the quality of these movies, or how true they are to the source material, is how they still manage to keep the most important themes throughout.


The whole concept of genetic purity and genetic damage is very central to the Allegiant book and they did it justice. Pure or damaged, our genes don’t define who we are. They are just labels that divide, the same way the faction system categorised people based on their differences, instead of embracing them. There’s a beautiful passage about this in the book, and similarly Tris has a monologue in the movie that says the same thing. It’s kind of stuck with me since I watched it.


There’s a common misconception that Allegiant is the last movie, since it’s the last book. But, in case you’re wondering this too, it isn’t. There’s a trend of splitting the last book into two movies (Harry Potter, Twilight, Hunger Games), and they didn’t diverge from it here. They decided to rename the final movie Ascendant, and I can see why since Allegiant was most of the book.


Though it didn’t end on the dramatic cliff hanger that I was expecting, I’m so eager for the next one. It’s exciting, not knowing what’s going to happen even though I’ve read the books. I mean, there’s one thing that’s guaranteed, but I just don’t know how it’s going to go down. And there’s a new director too so it’ll be nice to see what he comes up with.


Overall, I really enjoyed this movie. It was even better the second time! I didn’t have high expectations because I found Insurgent slightly disappointing, so it definitely exceeded them. There were a few things that disappointed me too, mostly the screen time of certain characters (no names mentioned), but I already knew this would happen.



      4 out of 5




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