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by , Thursday April 28, 2016
YOUth project

5 Reasons Why You Should Get Involved with YOUth Project

a project and blog by Jade.P



Sometimes when we’re struggling with something, we just feel a little bit out of place, like we’re upside down instead of being right side up. Talking about things - and creatively dealing with them - can be a great way to get you right side up. But where can you find somewhere to express yourself? Simple! Welcome to the YOUth Project; a place dedicated to help self-expression, create self-motivation, and build self-confidence.



It's a project for everyone, and here’s 5 reasons why you should get involved:


Reason #1 - It’s totally free.

That’s right, this project has no hidden prices or competitions with admittance fees. Although admittedly it may not be able to supply winners with the same prizes as most funded projects, no matter what your background or current financial situation, you can partake in absolutely everything!


Reason #2 - It’s super simple.

Anybody can work out how to get involved, simply follow the links (at the bottom) or follow @YOUth Project. You’ll see a whole selection of Movellas for you to choose from and all it takes is one click and a page will be displayed explaining everything you need to know from rules to examples. Every instruction is easy to understand and if you have any questions, just drop them in the comments of the Movella and they’ll be answered as soon as possible!


Reason #3 - It’s both educational and fun.

Yeah, yeah, education, I get it. It’s not meant to be fun, and school/uni/college/wherever you went to or are is not fun, but this is. Despite the intention of you gaining knowledge, it won’t be drummed into your head and there will be no forced exams. Everything will contain an element of fun in some way and you can’t help but take away some information. If you’re truly searching for some facts and answers, there are specific Movellas dedicated to just that, so don’t think you can’t gain any specified knowledge. It’s all meant to be enjoyable, and memorable.


Reason #4 - You’ll feel so much better after completing an activity.

Sometimes we just want to get things off of our chests but actually talking to someone about it is mortifying. Here’s your solution: a simple project where you can pour your emotions and thoughts into whatever kind of piece you want. It not only helps you express yourself in a safe, easier way but it also gets your creative juices (eww, juices) flowing. Every idea put towards this project is so you can securely express yourself and talk about what’s going on in your world. From Movella rating blogs and websites that talk about different topics, to competitions where you can write/draw/speak to win, to letter writing competitions created so you can directly address something or someone to help make you feel better - there isn’t going to be a way that you can’t express yourself :-)


Reason #5 - Your voice will always be heard.

This project is all about YOU, i.e. helping you learn, express, and create. So of course I have to pay attention to your voice and words. Improvements will be happening all the time whether it be the adding of a new Movella, new ideas on how to up your involvement, or just general fixes to certain things, it’s all down to you to shape this project. No piece will be rejected unless I have a totally valid reason that people will agree with. If you’ve been washed away before and labelled as someone not as good as someone else, here (as horrifically cheesy as it is) everyone’s voice is heard and everyone is seen as an independent individual. You can be YOU no matter what!



If these reasons weren’t convincing enough, then I thoroughly suggest you go check out the page and see for yourself why you should get involved. If you aren’t struggling with something or don’t feel the need to express yourself, then you can still participate in writing blogs/helping out. As said before, this project is for everyone, no matter who or where you are...



If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comments and I’ll respond as soon as I can!


Project Profile: YOUth Project

Twitter: @YOUthprojectmov

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Thanks to Jade.P for coming up with the idea, writing this blog to spread the word, and making the banner with the help of friends :-)


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