Winners of the Draw & Write Competition


Your short stories have been read and your awesome drawings judged - now we're ready to announce the winners!



This competition was about drawing and writingAmazing drawings were created and some good short stories written to accompany them with all kinds of details on how the drawings were created, what their signifiance was to the creator, and what tale or lore went with the creation. As well as to formulating entries in drawings and the like, the movellians who entered this competition also made awe-inspiring covers. We're proud to present the best of these entries below!  


Winners will get all kinds of prizes from Copic Markers to sketchbooks. We hope you all enjoyed this competition - a big thanks to all those who took part in it - your entries were impressive and a serious display of the drawing and writing skills that can be found in the community on Movellas :-)



1st Place

The Girl, the Wolf and the Tree by Born to be free




2nd Place

Trapped by Erica Bluewater




3rd Place

On Concord Drive by Sophia Marie




Best Trailer

A worthy winner not just because this was the only trailer entry, but also because the drawings (check out the last chapter, it's awesome) are note-worthy.

Glacier Towers by The Intelligence Division




Last, but certainly not least:


Best Cover

Protector of the Forest by Rumbleroar






All winners will be contacted by email. 

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