How to Get More Followers on Movellas (and Beyond)

Tips to Getting More Followers

a guide by Iben with some simple ways to increase your followers on movellas & social media!



You often feel confirmed, in some way, when you have a high number of followers on various social media platforms - Movellas included :-) But just because you don't have as many followers as the most popular authors on Movellas, this certainly does not mean that you are not as good.


The high number of followers is, of course, a sign that these authors are good at what they do. But it isn’t only the popular users that are talented - there is a lot of hidden talent on Movellas, users who are missing some followers because in the end, that is what mainly decides how many views or likes your story gets, independent of how well-written it may be.


The Movellas Team thinks that this a shame, and that is why we have made this guide to help you get more followers and the support you need for your writing.



Be active

If you want to be noticed, it is important to give people a chance to notice you. A way of doing so is by being active in forums and on the mumbles page. Another way to do this is by putting a smile on people's faces with a comment. If you make them smile, maybe they will want to check your profile out and put a smile on your face too :-) In this way, you spread the joy while being noticed.



Make “feedback in exchange for feedback” agreements

There are plenty of people sitting behind computers all over the country that may be dreaming of getting the attention they undoubtedly deserve - just like you do.


Movellas is a place for everyone, and it's a place where everyone should feel welcome too. That is why we constantly think about how we can bring the new or less popular users out in the spotlight. You can help this process by contacting other users with few followers and making a “feedback in exchange for feedback” agreement. Many movellians refer to this as CC, or constructive criticism, which otherwise means a helpful read with some useful feedback on writing style, plot & characters, format, grammer, etc. 


Most people like these agreements because they spread encouragement, while also helping you improve your writing skills. The most popular kind of these agreements is “feedback in exchange for feedback” where both users give some feedback and advice on each other's stories. You can also seek help from the Movellas ambassadors, as it is their duty to focus on the less popular users as well, and they would be happy to read your story :-) And who knows? Maybe they like it so much, they will start following you



Participate in writing competitions

If you need recognition and confirmation that you are a good writer, and you are having trouble finding it among all the popular users, it may be a good idea to participate in a competition. In all the writing competitions on Movellas, there are one, or several, winners chosen - and of course these are the ones with the best contributions! You do not need a lot of followers or likes, nor is there any requirement that you have experience with competitions to win. Popularity will in no way affect the judgment of the Movellas Team and our ambassadors. It's the quality of the writing that is our only concern.


It is pretty cool to have won a competition, and the fact that your contribution has been chosen as the best will definitely get people to notice you. On top of that, your story will be published in a blog that all the other competitors will read with interest. When they discover that you are the winner, they will probably want to know why and read the rest of your story. If they agree with the Movellas Team, they might find your story good and if you are lucky, they will also start reading some of your other stuff, and in turn, follow you.



Earn them

It is important to remember that followers are not attracted by themselves - you have to earn their attention. But it is also important to emphasize in the last part of this blog, that Movellas is not about followers or popularity in any way: Movellas is about getting better at writing. But remember that being a writer also means reaching out to a lot of people and getting a lot of critique, because getting critique is the best way to improve your writing skills, period.




Thank you to Danish movellian Iben for writing this blog and our very own Sanguine for making the cover :-) 


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