Book Review! Patrick Ness's New Novel

by , Wednesday March 23, 2016
Book Review! Patrick Ness's New Novel

Patrick Ness's Novel The Rest of Us Just Live Here

a book review by Molly Looby



"Not everyone has to be the chosen one."


...The one who's supposed to fight the zombies, or the soul-eating ghosts, or whatever this new thing is, with the blue lights and the death.


What if you were Mikey? Who just wants to graduate and go to prom before someone goes and blows up the high school. Again.


And what if there are problems bigger than this week's end of the world and you just have to find the extraordinary in your ordinary life?


Even if your best friend might be the God of mountain lions...


I'm always so terrified of new books by my favourite authors. Before they've even announced the title, my expectations are through the roof. Plus, with The Rest of Us Just Live Here, I was pre-warned of its un-put-a-down-able nature. I was expecting something that was going to blow me away and have me reading and reading and reading until the end.


I was not disappointed.


You may have already guessed this is going to be a festival of gushing and you're right. I love Patrick Ness and The Rest of Us has just deepened my love. (Go read the Chaos Walking trilogy. It'll blow your mind.) But don't just take my word for it,The Rest of Us Just Live Here has just been shortlisted for the YA Book Prize!


I was hooked pretty much from the word go. The chapter headings - or whatever I should call them - were phenomenal. We get a tiny insight into what's going on in the crazy world of the 'indie kids' before going back into Mikey's world where everything is far from normal but more the type of normal we're used to. It was so different and I loved it. It was fascinating to only get a few words on what was going on in this super dramatic 'indie kid' story and realise you're much more fascinated by Mikey and his friends.


Mikey talks to the reader, even asks you questions sometimes, and I just adore that type of narration. And Ness did it so perfectly I couldn't stop reading because I didn't want to interrupt Mikey. While I'm on characters, you won't be surprised that I loved them (not as much as Todd and Viola in Chaos Walking but I don't think anything can beat them). They were all so real and rounded and flawed and beautiful. I could read about their lives and friendship all day.


I laughed, I curled round the book in wonder, and devoured it in three days. If I'd started it at the weekend though, I know I would've had it done in one.


It was beautiful and perfect and . . . incredible! But what else did I expect from the great Patrick Ness?



      5 out of 5!



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