Features on Movellas

by , Tuesday March 22, 2016
Features on Movellas

We're here to talk about a feature you can find on Movellas

What is the Forum, and how do you use it?



We've started something new here on Movellas, we're calling it "Features on Movellas." What is this awesomeness, you may ask? There are many different features on Movellas, and many more things you can do beyond posting stories or mumbles. These other cool features are lesser known but just as great to have in your writer's toolbox. Good examples would be Groups, The Forums, Lists, etc. Sometimes these features get lost in all that's already going on on the website so we'd like to point out their existence and highlight their importance here!


We're going to have more Features on Movellas as we go in explaining some of the cool things you can do in being a part of the website and writing community. If you know all about the Forum already - stay tuned! We'll be covering lesser known features as we go on, so don't hesitate to check out some of these lesser known options for writing & sharing.


Today we're taking a look at the Forum. Did we mention that already? The Forum, you say, I know all about that! Well then, let us quickly recap. The Forum is a page where you can post your questions, ideas, and any other cool discussion group you'd like to start - be it Role playing, searching for feedback on your story, starting a book lover's club, or finding co-authors. You can of course do some of these things via mumbles and using other means on Movellas, but with the Forum you are able to create your own topic and have a page to hold the discussion. Users can view, like, and comment on the Forum and this is especially helpful when it comes to important questions, needed suggestions, and even tips for getting through your toughest writer's block :-)


​As you can see, a lot of different topics can be found here! Whatever it is you want to talk about, the Forum is the place to start the conversation. Mumbles can get lost, but starting a discussion in the Forum provides a place for users all over Movellas to come and comment. In addition to this, the Forum is a great place to find helpful tools and resources in your writing & cover-creating, discover amazing authors, and get help or answers to what you may have been wondering for a while! Our ambassadors are often checking the Forum and engaging in the important discussions going on there so don't hesitate to join in the fun.


Once you click on a topic inside the Forum you are brought to a page where specific topics can be found. For example, in the FAQs forum alone there are 333 different discussions! There is no limit to amount of topics you may post here. The Forum is different than messages and mumbles because the posts are not archived, so you can keep the Forum going as long as you like, share when you want to, and always have it to go back to for reference, if needed. There are many, many super fun and helpful topics here so we encourage you all to check it out!


This is just one of the many great features found on Movellas that we want you all to enjoy and use. Please let us know if you have any questions about the Forum or the way it works right now, as we are always reading and looking for ways to help our users make the most of what Movellas has to offer.




More Features of Movellas will be coming to the blog in the future explaining more of the great things already found on Movellas :-)


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