Dear Diary Winner For February 2016


Congrats to our winner of the Dear Diary Competition for February!



Spring has sprung already, and we're here to announce something just as exciting - the winner of last month's Dear Diary Competition.


There are only 3 months to go in this competition, so please keep writing in your diaries! 


Remember that you can still enter at any time and all you have to do is keep updating your diary to be eligible to win! Each winner receives a handy journal from Work Style.



Our new winner is... *drumroll please*



WINNER (for February)

Diary of an Aspiring Writer

by N.S. Jones


This month's winner is a diary full of truthful observations, some deep thoughts, and important things to remember :-) Through the course of these diary entries, we learnt a lot more about our narrator but one thing is clear - like the title says - that this is the diary of an aspiring writer. Depending on the day, this diary had us smiling at her humorous moments, sighing at those horribly unfair disapointments, and seeing just what life is like for this young writer. The February entries were both sincere and funny in their truthfulness, something we can all appreciate writing our hearts out on Movellas! One entry we love to quote had to deal with N.S. Jones and her thoughts on Valentine's Day:


"The shops are now selling their Valentine's Day products in earnest now. It's kind of depressing, really. For someone who's still single. I'll most likely be staying in, watching romantic films like Sleepless in Seattle, The Runaway Bride, or You've Got Mail and a bowl of popcorn, or reading a romantic novel with a cup of tea and a playlist of "romantic" songs..."

(From the Chapter titled: "Friday 5th February 2016") 


~It still sounds like a great Valentine's Day to us! Digitally, we were there with you, eating popocorn and watching all those tearful movies behind the screen :-)



Remember that the deadline for the competition is May 31, 2016. You can enter the competition at any time - we re-read the entries every month, so there are still plenty of chances to win as long as you keep updating!


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