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by , Tuesday March 15, 2016
The Movellas Newsletter

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Maybe you know already, perhaps it is completely new to you, but here at Movellas we send out a monthly newsletter where you can get a good overview of all the new and ongoing competitions and blogs, as well as selected stories that are worth looking into.


Last month we announced our new writing competition, The Poetry Project, and with a little text, we called on all of you to of course to participate - as we are so excited about it! Our newsletter is sent out to about 22,000 Movellas users every month - but since many of you change emails or may not check the email you registered on your user account since you first created your profile - it's unfortunate that the newsletter actually reaches a far smaller number of our movellians.

We would like to encourage you to sign you for our monthly newsletters (and don't worry, we do not spam!) to be updated on all that is happening here at Movellas. Many of you are already very committed, which we appreciate, so we are sure that there could be others who would be happy to be kept up-to-date with respect to all that is new & exciting on the website - because important things like this are always communicated in the newsletter :-)
Great. So how do I sign up for the newsletter?

To make it much more manageable, currently we are working on getting a box in one corner of the Home page, where you can quickly and with few clicks sign up to receive the now infamous newsletter. As of right now, you can sign up for it by going to the Notifications page under Edit your Profile (click here), and check the box that says News & updates. Additionally, please remember to update your email address that is on your profile on Movellas so that the newsletter is sent to the right place. This applies, for example, if you win one of our writing competitions, as we will need to contact you!

 As mentioned, we like to highlight good stories written by our users and also show some of the winning entries from our competitions in the newsletter. Not only does this make for some amazing reading, it's fun to share the brilliant stories found on Movellas. This way you will be able to read stories you might not otherwise have stumbled upon or intended to read.

On Movellas, stories are at the center of our universe, and will continue to be so, with our newsletter sharing useful updates, news, and other important information along the way. 


We hope that you want to follow us and our monthly updates - and remember that you are not bound to continue receiving the newsletter, you can always opt out at any time.

We hope you enjoy!

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