The Vampire Diaries: Differences between the Series and Books

The Differences between the Vampire Diaries TV series and Books

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As you all might have seen, The Vampire Diaries writing competition has started - and what better way to begin than by having a blog post about them both!
TVD is a Television Series, but it's also a book series of about 11 books. As always, there are a lot of diffences between the book and television series, but one thing they have in common: it is all about Elena Gilbert.
The TV series

Elena Gilbert is one of the main characters, but there is Stefan and Damon Salvator too. Elena's parents were killed in a car accident and their deaths were very hard on Elena and her brother, Jeremy. Now they live with their aunt since none of the Gilbert children are 18 years old yet, and Elena's two best friends, Bonnie Bennett and Caroline Forbes, are helping her through this difficult time in her life.
As always in such a story, our heroine meets a guy whom she falls head over heels in love with, and can you guess who that is? Yes, you guessed it! It is our dear Stefan Salvator.
Elena will be drawn to him. He is brand new in the small town of Mystic Falls, and he's mysterious. Nobody knows anything about him, and we are already seeing Elena's interest in the guy from the first episode of the series.
Since I am not one for spoilers, I will say no more. The series spans seven seasons with approximately 23 - 25 ​​episodes in each. You can watch it on netflix!
The Book Series

Here Elena is of course the main character, and it is Damon and Stefan too. The book starts with Elena writing in her diary. This is a good way to begin this book, and we get a lot of information that way. We are told where she has been, in this case she just returned from France, with whom she lives with, what day it is, and a whole lot of other things!
You don't know what happened to her parents, but you can feel that it is something bad and that it depresses Elena. But like any other 16 - 17-year-old girl, she goes to school and meets with her friends, Bonnie and Meredith. And as I said, Elena falls for Stefan Salvator.
There's much more than that in this book series. It is completely different from the television series! There are 11 books in the series and the first one is called "The Awakening." You can buy it in a bookstore or borrow it from a library :-)


 As you can probably tell, there are a lot of differences - and there are more yet to come! So if you ever write a fanfiction about TVD, it can still be based on the book and be true :-) For those who like the television series, there is not only talk about the plot but also about the different characters' appearance. What's coming next? Whatever it is, it'll be bloody.



Thanks to Danish movellian T.M.Kaur for writing this blog!


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