New Things Happening on Movellas

by , Friday March 11, 2016
New Things Happening on Movellas

Banner Ads are coming to Movellas

A small update from backstage!



Things are constantly changing around the world and so are user platforms like Movellas. As a website, we realize that it's important to change and develop in keeping up with the digital age we all read and write in. During this time, we've had many ongoing improvements and changes and we are so happy to have many dedicated users who follow us on



To be able to continue improving the site and make new initiatives, in the near future we will be implemententing banner ads. This means that new business collaborations will enable us to make even more competitions with more rewards, such as a greater selection of prizes :-) In receiving more resources, the Movellas Team will also be able to meet your wishes and user requests even better! 



We will make sure that the banner ads will not be implemented in a disturbing way to your reading and writing experience as this is still the focus of the site. Lastly, we want to highlight that nothing will be changed in terms of the writing-related content.



We hope that you all will continue participating in our competitions, writing, and reading each other’s movellas - and maybe even help us spread the word about Movellas so we can grow and become even better :-) Thank you for your understanding. We look forward to continuing reading your inspiring stories!



The Movellas Team


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