Winners of the Selfie One Shot Writing Competition


Your selfies and stories were read in this colorful competition - it's time to announce the winners!



This competition was a great challenge for anyone who loves taking selfies - and could write a story about their best one, ever :-) We had some pretty cool selfies and equally impressive stories to go along with them, and most were about good times had with friends and family. In addition to the selfies and these great short stories written about them, movellians who entered this competition also produced wonderfully expressive and funny covers to match their entries.  


Winners will receive iTunes giftcards to purchase some tunes in lieu of their next awesome selfie! We hope you all enjoyed this competition on Movellas - thanks to everyone who participated - your selfies were a mix of humor, friendship, and great narration to your own stories that were going on the whole time behind the camera.



1st Place

Show About Selfies by SMD1120




2nd Place

Why I Love My Best Friend by Erenil




Best Cover

Selfie with Einstein by Nat's chat's




All winners will be contacted by email. 

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