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Our author has written many amazing movellas, makes beautiful covers, and is known for her everyday mumbles. The Movellas' Author of the Month is a Movellian known by many of us as an expert in pirates, a brilliant artist, and thrilling writerBelow you can read our interview with this crafty corsair to learn more about who is behind all those movellas! We're excited to announce that the Author of the Month for March 2016 is...



 Capt. Alora Wiley


I was looking for writing websites and competitions a few weeks before I left Italy (where I used to live when I joined Movellas), and I found this website. I didn't know that I would actually get this far on the website, and I am really happy to still be here! I've been on eight months, goin' on nine months! (Did anyone see that reference with a few little tweaks to it?? XD )


Which three words best describes you?

Piratey, brave (kinda, XD ) , and (quite) annoying!


Where do you find inspiration for your writing?

There are so many places that I find inspiration; from the beach, to Williamsburg, it's everywhere! I'd say, though, that my most popular stories are inspired by songs that I wrote, or songs that I've listened to in Italy. One time, I was at an amusement park for Halloween and they had Jack the Ripper walking around everywhere; that's where "Ripped" came from!


Who is your favorite author (outside of Movellas) and what are you reading these days?

No! Not this question! WHY?! I can't say who my favorite author is; there are so many great books out there that have fabulous authors! I think I'm going to go with.... drum roll please..... Jonathan Stroud, author of the Lockwood & Co. series. It's an awesome series (though I haven't gotten to the last book yet), and it'll keep you on the edge of your seat! As for what I've been reading lately? A BUNCH of books about Robin Hood and (*weird gasp*) serial killers. Yes, it sounds crazy (and bad) , but who cares?


What are you writing at the moment?

I'm working on quite a few stories right now. I'm one of those people who don't write the same thing for weeks. I've been writing "Cutlass" (aka, Hoist the Colours), "HOOD", "Three Murderers, Brutal", and eventually, I will get back to writing "Ripped".


Which one of your Movellas would you recommend others to read?

My gosh! There are so many of my stories that have potential in them (I think). I'm going to name two and be on my way before I change my mind!


I'd recommend "HOOD". It's a retelling of Robin Hood (hence all that research), and it shows you the "real story" of Robin Hood. I think it's pretty interesting.... especially since for once in my life, the girl character isn't a brat. Also, "Cutlass" is a great story, if I do say so myself *snooty look, because I'm weird*. It, unlike HOOD, has an extremely snooty character who thinks he's all that and then some named Morrow, a drunk weirdo named Arverly, a Spanish genius named Toro, and a girl character who's all about honor. I've been told it's funny..... :-)



Read HOOD by Capt. Alora Wiley



Thanks for all the swashbuckling tales, Captain :-)

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