Movellys 2015 Winners Announced!

by , Sunday February 28, 2016
Movellys 2015 Winners Announced!

We are ready with the winners of Movellys 2015

See Who Won!



We know it's been hard to endure all the waiting in the long-ish process that was nominations and final voting for our winners. We are just as excited to reveal who has won this year's Movellys, along with the coveted Movellas trophy (which you can see below:-)


You all nominated many talented movellians, and your comments have been a veritable cornucopia of positive vibes. Movellys is more than just winning, it is certainly more just a gesture of recognition and appreciation for all the writing & reading our users do on Movellas. We thank all of you for your commitment and ability to make Movellys 2015 a relevant and enjoyable experience!



We hereby present the Movellys 2015 Award Show with a video made by The Intelligence Division. Enjoy the announcements! And the winners are...




Here you can see all the winners and who was 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in all nine categories :-)

Author of the Year (not fanfiction):

Winner: w0lverine
2nd place: Mirlotta
3rd place: Prodigy


Fanfiction Author of the Year:
Winner: Oh Hipsta Please
2nd place: Fictionbeforeblood
3rd place: Unidentified


Movella of the Year (not fanfiction):
Winner: “Revenge” by w0lverine
2nd place: “Whisper” by Mirlotta
3rd place: “We are the Damned” by Le Fox


Fanfiction Movella of the Year:

Winner“Labels” by Oh Hipsta Please
2nd place“Four” by Sabitha.K
3rd place“Grandeur” by Rose


Movellist of the Year:

WinnerVictoria Raven
2nd placeAlice♫
3rd placeSanguine


New Movellian of the Year:

Winnerthe force of storms
2nd placem0riarty
3rd placeQueenWild


Cover of the Year:

Winner“Whisper” by Mirlotta
2nd place“Fangirl - Projekt Remix” by Christina.H
3rd place“B R E A T H E” by Anastacia


Trailer of the Year:

Winner“Beauty in the Breakdown” by the force of storms
2nd place“Fanfiction Royale - Trailer Entry” by Sanguine


Honorary Award:

2nd placeMolly Looby
3rd placeLia is a Panda



Congratulations to all the winners!


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