Dear Diary Winner For January 2016!

by , Thursday February 25, 2016
Dear Diary Winner For January 2016!


A big congratulations to our winner of the Dear Diary Competition for January


We're well into 2016 already, but here to announce something exciting - the winner of last month's Dear Diary Competition!!


There are still 4 months to go in this competition, so please keep writing in your diaries. You can enter at any time and all you have to do is keep updating your diary to be eligible to win :-) Each winner receives a fabulous journal/notebook from Work Style.


And our newest winner is... *extra loud drumroll please*



WINNER (for January)

I Am Lavern

by Lavern2002


Our winner this month has written a heartfelt diary. Started in August of last year, the movella contained over 50 entries! Reading the diary made us laugh, it made us sigh, but mostly just understand where the writer is coming from. In this modern-day autobiographical we have a writer who's both funny and talented at writing about it, updating us all the while on the little pieces that make up the bigger picture of her life :-) These January entries were especially great simply because as a diary writer, Lavern2002 takes on the tone of someone who is confiding in a friend.


A good quote from this diary can be found in the chapter called "1/08/2016," where Lavern writes:

"Dear Diary...

Currently, I am sitting in a small room with approximately thirty rowdy teens. There was some guest speaker for assembly today, and I think they ran out of room, so here I am. None of my friends are in here, so I'm just kind of sitting at an overly long desk in the corner by myself, listening to music, and, well, writing this.

We're leaving.

Despite being stuck in that room for what sounds like an unreasonably long period of time, we're glad to hear about how the week got better from there :-)



Remember that until the deadline is May 31, 2016 - and you can enter the competition at any time. We re-read the entries every month, so there are still plenty of chances to win as long as you keep updating!


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