What's Coming Up: The Oscars!

by , Wednesday February 24, 2016
What's Coming Up: The Oscars!

It's that time of year again!

Who's going home with a golden oscar?



This Sunday it will be time to once again turn our attention to the film universe's most prestigious celebration and celebration of the very best performances, most touching or most beautifully recorded movies, most unique documentaries, etc. etc.. So many film enthusiasts from around the world look forward to this award celebration in seeing more of these amazing films from the world over.


Let's look at some of the Oscar nominees this year.


Did you know, for example, that Leonardo Dicaprio - despite all his amazing performances and quite a few nominations - has never won an Oscar? This year there is still a good chance for him to win as he's been nominated for best actor in the film The Revenant.


We think Leonardo Dicaprio has certainly done what he can this time to bring an Oscar home, but we'll see. Here he is a bit strained in the wild wasteland of Louisiana, and looking somewhat different from how we usually see him.



Also Matt Damon was nominated for best male performance in the role of the austronaut Mark who is stranded on Mars after being abandoned by his colleagues. The Martian has also been nominated for best film, so we think that it could have a good chance to win big here too :-)



In addition, Eddie Redmayne was nominated for best performance in the film The Danish Girl. This film is based on David Ebershoff's biographical novel about the first transgender woman who underwent gender reassignment surgery. It takes place in 1926 in Copenhagen. During filming in Copenhagen, the inner city was completely transformed back to the 1920s. See for yourself in the pictures below.































Jennifer Lawrence was nominated for her lead role in Joy, while Charlotte Rampling was nominated for her role in 45. In the documentary category is The Look of Silence up against, inter alia, Amy - the wonderfully touching portrait film about Amy Winehouse, who died much too young at the age of 27.









What are your favorite films that make you want to see the Oscars? If you can last through it, watch the big event Sunday evening for the 88th annual Oscars. Enjoy - and keep your fingers crossed! ;-)



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