Movellas Instagram Takeover this week!

It is time for the second #movellastakeover

And it's going to be something special



February is almost over, but the awesomeness is far from done on our Movellas Instagram. Instead of the team posting all sorts of great stuff with what's going on Movellas - at the end of this week we will have one of our very own (and again, very awesome) movellians take over our Instagram account to see what happens :-)


The #movellastakeover won't happen every month, but it is for February so you can all expect announcements for this on our blog and other social media coming up this week! Keep in mind that most of the activity on this, other than a few mumbles, will largely be taking place on Movellas' InstagramWe choose a user every month to takeover the Instagram account for a day or two. Just what this user ends up choosing to post is up to them!


What "the takeover" entails...


There will be 1 to 5 photos posted per day during this takeover. Of course it's only fair if some of these images involve books, but it's about how you the user find inspiration for writing and the like, so we're also okay with insight into what's going on in your world, reading aside.


#movellastakeover this Thursday, February 25 - Friday, February 26

We actively try to find new ways to expand our universe here in letting the users become an even bigger part of Movellas! Now we'd like to introduce the second ever #movellastakeover on Instagram! Starting this Thursday, NathanielStanley will be taking over the Movellas Instagram account. We've been informed that he plans on posting some things on art, books, and other pics but we can't really know until the takeover begins...






Rules for the Takeover

To participate in the Movelles takeover in the near future, you will need your own Instagram account so that the week of this event you will be able to follow us at Movellasofficial (and us the same in return). You are welcome to talk about the #movellastakeover on Instragram or your own Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.

  • Remember that you must make approximately 3 - 5 posts a day during the takeover. 
  • You will need to use the hashtag #movellastakeover or #movellas in each post, and any other hashtags you wish to include :-)
  • The pictures you post as a part of this need to be appropriate. Just follow the rule that if your folks came across it, would it still be as awesome of a post/picture?
  • We realize that it's your life & your "angle of the world" so it's nice if the posts are related to books & writing inspiration, but it's not required. It can be difficult to get ALL your posts to deal with those things and so we understand, but PLEASE do not post a deluge of food images/recipes!

Again, it is YOUR life we're interested in and your personal touch we all want to see on the next Movellas takeover.



Follow us on Instagram at movellasofficial

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