8 Good Reasons to be on Movellas!

by , Friday February 19, 2016
8 Good Reasons to be on Movellas!

8 Good Reasons to be on Movellas!

A blog by Sofie R.E.



In this blog Movellist Sofie R.E. lists 8 good reasons to be on Movellas. We're very excited about all you talented writers, and so of course we want to do everything we can to spread the message about what you can do on this site! Besides being a writing community with competitions and blogs, we also aim to be a social platform where everyone feels welcome to share their thoughts, writing, and experiences. We hope you all enjoy being on Movellas as much as we do :-) 



1. You get constructive criticism on your stories
So the story can be even better - and maybe even get the chance to be published?


2. Thousands of friends, for free
It is a whole world of people who love stories just as much as you do! There is always someone out there if you're sad - or just want to chat!



3. You are directly in contact with your readers
There is nothing better than being able to talk directly to your readers in the comments on your stories 



4. Thousands of free books - always available
With the App you can always be entertained when you're sitting on the bus or simply forgot a book to read!



5. There is room for everyone
On Movellas, stories are the most important and it doesn't matter whether you are a social butterfly, a loner, or a punk rocker. Just be you!



6. Thousands of readers who are just waiting for your story!
Not having to spend hundreds of dollars in advertising, here you can post your story for free and immediately get both readers and feedback!



7. Find inspiration from competitions
On Movellas we are always ready with a new writing challenge when you get stuck!



8. Get closer to your dream
Be published for free, get some feedback, and get ready to become a bestselling author!




Why are YOU on Movellas - and what do you mostly do here?

We would love to hear, so write a comment below and make us all the wiser :)

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