Winners of The Fanzine Competition

by , Thursday February 18, 2016
Winners of The Fanzine Competition


Your beautiful fanzines were widely read and enjoyed in this competition - now it's time to announce the winners!



This competition gave a voice to so many different genres in fanfiction. Imaginative fanzines were written on every topic you can think of - from Linkin Park, Game of Thrones, Pride & Prejudice - to YouTube, anime, and Assassin's Creed! What's more is so many of you included amazingly creative & colorful covers! 


Winners will receive iTunes or Amazon giftcards to purchase a prize of their choosing :-) Their awesome winning fanzines can be found below. We hope you all enjoyed this competition - a big thank you to everyone who participated. The entries were brilliant and it's official: we need more fanzines on Movellas!



1st Place

anim8: an anime fanzine by Mirlotta




2nd Place





3rd Place

The YouTube Fanzine by Erica Bluewater




Best Cover

LIVE Magazine by Sanguine





There was no "Best Video" winner because there were no video submissions in this category. Next time!




All winners will be contacted by email. 

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