Finding Inspiration for your Writing

by , Tuesday February 2, 2016
Finding Inspiration for your Writing

How do you find inspiration for your stories?

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More often I get the question of how I can always find inspiration for my stories. How can I keep the forward momentum through each chapter, and also how I can keep it going without my stories being either too boring or too lengthy?!


I have included important points below in explaining the sources of inspiration I use when I write. If you're in need of inspiration for your story-writing, think about some of these things:


  • What would you like to read about in a story? Would you like to read about the drama between the main characters, or are you more excited about when the story reaches the climax? Use some of the aspects that you already enjoy reading in writing your own stories.


  • Write about things that inspire you. For example, I often base stories off of things I experience in my daily life. If I go through a sad time, it may be reflected in my chapters. Even if it's painful, I try to take my experiences and use them constructively in writing my stories.


  • Listen to music while you write. Usually when I write, I am sitting with headphones in my ears listening to music from different genres. The music also helps to create the right mood for what you want to write about.


  • Research, research, research - researching things ahead of time can also help inspire you to write. Maybe your plot takes place somewhere you've always wanted to go. Or it may be that you can describe things better if you sit down with a picture or other work of art that will inspire you to describe the surroundings of your story better.


  • Read a lot of other books, watch a lot of movies, and TV shows. It is a good basis for inspiration, and you might find something perfect in the things you like to watch and read that will fit well into what you're writing. Remember that even if it's different, whatever inspiration you take from these media sources must not be an imitation. Originality is something we all love - and not something that can be simply rephrased!


  • Let your thoughts wander. It can be hard to let go of thoughts that might fill your everyday life, but try to relax completely while you're writing, and let your fingers run over the keyboard without thinking too much about what they actually type. This is probably the best kind of inspiration, the kind that just comes to you amidst the process. It is here that you'll be able to come up with the thoughts and feelings you want to express in your story.

Inspiration varies from person to person and it's so important to identify the ideas and things that make you want to write more. Remember that it's not going to just come to you until you DO something to get inspired!


Where do you find inspiration for writing your own stories? Please comment and tell us more about it!




Thanks to movellian Frederikke for writing this lovely blog :-)

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