Start a Feedback Chain

by , Tuesday January 19, 2016
Start a Feedback Chain

Get feedback on your story!

It's an excellent opportunity for new ideas & inspiration


It can be annoying if there is no one reading your story or you're stuck reading the same stories. How will you find motivation to move forward with your writing? How will you learn anything from the process? We know it's hard to keep your spirits up when it comes to this so we have an idea - a feedback chain! This is something you start when you post a story of your own that you'd like feedback on and, in return, give givefeedback on someone else's story as your contribution.


We realize you may be all familar with this one and call it by many names. In being better at writing, you will need to get constructive feedback, so read away, comment, and encourage others to do the same - and start the chain! We hope over the next two weeks to form a long feedback chain with all of you and see what happens :-)


Wondering what you have to do?

  • Find the story you would like feedback on (it must not be rated red, because most people should be able to read it!)
  • Put the link to it in the comment box at the bottom of this page
  • Read the story that's before your own story (i.e. the one posted above yours)
  • Give constructive criticism to the story in the comment field. Is the story very long? You can just read and provide feedback on some of the chapters (remember that the user should be able to use your comments & advice to improve their story, so please be good to each other:-)


The Chain ends Tuesday, February 2. Here's to giving good feedback - hope you all have fun commenting on these great stories...

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