Dear Diary Winner For December 2015!

by , Tuesday January 19, 2016
Dear Diary Winner For December 2015!


Congratulations are due to our new winner of the Dear Diary Competition


December is gone, but we're here to announce something exciting in the New Year - the winner last month of the Dear Diary Competition!!


Keep in mind that there are still 5 months to go in this competition, so keep up your writing! You can enter at any time and all you have to do is keep updating your diary to be eligible to win. Each winner will receive a fabulous diary from Work Style.


And our latest winner...(*drumroll please*)



WINNER (for December)

A Few Days in The Life...

by PenGirl


We have a unique diary as our winner this month. This diary was started in December but it contained alot of heart and whole lot of truth. Over the course of the diary entries, this writer went through some serious stuff, and reading about it as it's told in such a personal way, you realize this is actually a modern-day story (nonfiction, might we add) from someone who's caring, expressive, and trying very hard in a reality that's full of obstacles not many of us face. These December entries were particularly humorous simply because as a diary writer, PenGirl takes on the tone most of us do when we write in our dairies (you know, the ones we don't keep online), going from feeling confusion to frustration, serious sadness to a shimmer of hope.


A good quote from this diary can be found in the first chapter, called "22nd December 2015" where PenGirl writes:

"The way people like me see the world, it isn't beautiful, nor is it romatic. It's sad. It's frustrating. Why would anyone choose to read that? Although, I suppose, it's a learning experience. It's the closest someone will get to experiencing a day in the life of someone like me. Maybe the people who read this will not sympathise with me, rather recognise how I feel. Maybe the people who read this will become aware of their own struggles. Maybe my story could help someone else. That is the best possible scenario. Doubtful, however.

Despite the lack of opitmism here, we chose to read this diary, and we liked what PenGirl had to say, attittude aside :-)



Remember that until the deadline is May 31, 2016 - and you can enter the competition at any time. We re-read the entries every month, so there are still plenty of chances to win as long as you keep updating!


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