The New Movellas App

by , Friday January 15, 2016
The New Movellas App

The new Movellas App is ready!

And it's COMPLETELY free :-)


We have good news for all of you who love to have Movellas on the road either on a smartphone or iPad. We have updated our app so that it's easier to use and provides a better overview for users! To make a long story short, we've been working to make your experience of the app even better. Now you can receive notifications and use Movellas as you are used to on the website. Just keep in mind that not all types of notifications are available on the app.


Since it's you, our users, who are at the center of this community here at Movellas, we hope that you will now have a better experience with the app :-) and we will constantly keep you up-to-date! This is only the first step in improving the ux of our app but you can expect regular updates & improvements from us month to month.
In our Movellas App you can: Read stories, watch, and participate in the latest competitions, write on other users' walls, add stories to your favorites, see your followers, and much more. In other words, this is a perfect app to have on those long car trips, on the way home from school, on the train, or whenever you feel in Movellas mood - and when doesn't that happen?!



There is a completely new version of the app for Android and the app for iOS has been updated with many new features. Just go to the App store and download or update our Movellas App now - it's completely free to use.




You should know that we are constantly working to make the website as user-friendly and fun to be on as possible. It is a process that takes time (and costs money), and can't just be done over a few days. Yesterday, we had a meeting with our Development Team who had come all the way from Italy! We gave them a looong wishlist of enhancements for Movellas, straight from the users :-) For example, users will have the ability to send private messages to each other, put chapters in between other chapters in your movellas, and arrange your movellas as you like in the Published section so it doesn't necessarily just display the last movella you wrote.


As if this wasn't awesome enough, users will also be able to read their movellas in iBook form and save their movellas in the ibook application as well. These are just a few of the things we will be working on bringing to Movellas and we are super aware that there is room for improvement! The app operating as it should is the first step.

We hope you enjoy!

The Movellas Team

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