Tips on How to Write a Good Review

by , Thursday January 14, 2016
Tips on How to Write a Good Review

Have you never managed to write a good review before? And is it a genre that is far away from what you are normally familiar with?

Read these 6 tips on how to write a good review! 


Here's some tips on writing a good review that is both meaningful in itself and helpful to authors! For those Movellians out there who are hard at work CC'ing each other's amazing writing right now :-)


Tips on how to write a good review:


  1. Make a good headline that sums up what your review is about in a precise and catchy manner.
  2. The first lines are essential. If they do not catch the reader’s attention, he or she will immediately move on to the next article. As with many other articles, a lot of readers will stop reading halfway through, so make sure you write the most important information first and the less important details towards the end.  
  3. Your review should include a summary and examples from the plot of the book; that is, the things/events you experienced reading it, or any good pictures that were included in the book. It is important that you do NOT reveal too much of the story (because who likes to know the ending of a movie they are planning to watch in the cinema?!) by only including the most important information.
  4. It's fine to play around with your words in making use of a fun or easy tone, but remember to be objective in the entire reviewWhat is your opinion? Your opinion should clearly shine through the review you've written. It is your assessment that separates a review from a summary, so be personal, however, be careful not to show it too much in your words by writing in between the lines.
  5. Make a facts box with the information that cannot fit into the review. e.g. how long a movie is playing in the cinema, where and when the exhibition is taking place, etc.
  6. Use images in your review – and remember an excerpt!


If you want inspiration for your first review, you can see examples on The NY Review of Books and London Review of Books. Be careful not to base your opinion too much on the examples from e.g. London Review of Books and be sure that no matter what, you are expressing your own opinion in writing your review.


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