Merry Christmas from Movellas

by , Friday December 25, 2015
Merry Christmas from Movellas

It's finally Christmas!!!

And how sweet it is...



It's December 25th. Christmas Peace is descending slowly upon the house, and the last pieces of the holiday puzzle are falling into place. There's Christmas music on, fresh cookies with sprinkles, and a roast (be it duck, turkey, or ham) spreading delicious scents out from the kitchen.


Under the tree are gifts, and perhaps it's already clear what some of them are :-) and along with that is the glorious feeling in the air of anticipation and joy. If you turn on the TV, they're running the same lovable cartoons, which most likely brings back memories of all those past Christmases curled up in the house, reminiscing on the traditions and sweet symbolism wrapped up in this holy day. It's finally Christmas!


It may be hard to enjoy the peace of Christmas and the gentle glow it casts over the world when there's troubled waters ahead and we even find ourselves struggling in the toil, hustle, and bustle of this busy time. Instead, embrace Christmas in the little messages from the heart and in celebration and charity - because that's what it is about.


We at Movellas we would like to share our Christmas spirit, and so here's a picture of our tree so you can see how it's decorated here at the office. We hope you enjoy your Christmas with family & friends. In the spirit of things, please share a Christmas picture with us - for example of your Christmas tree - we just love seeing things like that in the comments :-)


At the same time, we also want to try to read your mind ;-) If you were to sit down and write a few lines about how exactly how your Christmas has been over the years, what would you write? It can sometimes be difficult to be present in the moment, but just let your mind run free. As a true movellian, you know that the best tools for this are pen and paper (...or a keyboard).


Wishing you all a very merry Christmas. We hope you get lots of heavy presents under the tree!



Greetings & Best Wishes,

The Movellas Team

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