How to Write Limericks

by , Friday December 11, 2015
How to Write Limericks

What's a limerick? How do you write one? Read the easy steps from one merry Movellian.

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Limericks are witty, nonsense, 5-line poems. They are very fun to write since they can be about anything you want, really! Today I’ll be showing you how to write the most insane limerick yet!

Step 1: First, you have to know the rhyme scheme of a limerick. The rhyme normally goes aabba, or like as follows: Ba DUM ba ba Dum ba DUM

Step 2: Start writing your first line. This line should set the scene of your limerick, letting the reader know what this is going to be about. E.g. ‘There was a young man from Peru’ or ‘There was was a man from Peru.’


Step 3: The 2nd line will tell the reader what the person/thing is doing or what is happening now. E.g ‘Who dreamt of eating his shoe.

Step 4: The 3rd line tells the reader what is happening after the previous line, e.g ‘He woke in a fright.’

Step 5: This line is ‘joined’ to the previous one, but put on separate lines. The rhyme and beat in these 2 lines are normally very strong. E.g ‘In the dark of the night

Step 6: The last line sums up the aftermath of what has happend in the above lines, and normally makes no sense at all! E.g ‘he found it was perfectly true.’

As you may have realised by now, the examples I've used are from a famous limerick by Edward Lear. CAUTION: Don’t try eat your shoe. :)

I’ve tried to make these instructions as clear and simple as possible, if you have any questions or anything to add, please comment below!

Happy limerick-ing!

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