Author of the Month for December 2015

by , Wednesday December 2, 2015
Author of the Month for December 2015


Movellas author of the month is...


Tons of stories, frequent mumbles, classic covers, and overall great writing skills descirbes Movellas' Author of the Month Kierstinnn. Below you can read a featured interview with this talented movellian to learn more about the writer behind the stories. We could not be more thrilled to share that the Author of the Month for December 2015 is...






I began writing on Movellas when I was fifteen, I believe. One of my close friends, who actually never had an account, was super into One Direction fanfiction on Movellas, and because I liked the band, she told me to check it out. While I found that I liked writing fanfiction and was fairly good at it (due to the fact that my first published story, ‘No Words Are Needed’, was shortlisted for the Movelly’s in 2012), I realized that I really enjoyed making up my own characters. I now consider my profile is a beautiful blend between fanfiction and non-fanfiction. In general, though, my writing started with a creative writing class that I was recommended for in the 7th grade, which will forever be my favorite class.


Which three words best describes you?

Wow, I have had so many words describe me, but the first one that actually comes to mind is dark. I can talk a lot and be very social, but I’m that friend you probably have some concerns for, mainly because my sense of humor is so dark and twisted. Another word I get a lot is fragile, because I weigh about one hundred pounds and am eighteen years old. I always act super tough- and I am- but other people just see me as cute and little and fragile. My final word would be smart. Just the other day, someone told me. “Of course you know how to solve a Rubik’s cube. You’re, like, the smartest person I know.” And I think that I am generally lumped in with the smart kids, which is by no means a bad thing. I think I used more than three in here, but that’s okay.


Where do you find inspiration for your writing?

One of my favorite things in the world is dreaming. I did a big study on dreaming two years ago, and I simply love having dreams, which is where I get a big chunk of inspiration from. I have really strange dreams- as I’m sure we all do- and when I wake up, if I remember a certain aspect of it and like it, I can find a way to make it into a story. I’m also really inspired by Sarah Dessen. I like the way she has characters from one story show up in another, and I’d advise my readers to look out for that sort of idea in my next story. Finally, I really love to gather inspiration from what’s going on around me. I feel like I read somewhere that you most certainly should not base characters on people that you know in real life, so I don’t, but I tend to take one aspect of someone’s personality or physical being, and build up a character around that. My boyfriend also helps me to come up with some really good ideas, just from spending time with him, I like to include some of the more realistic aspects of a relationship into my stories. 


Who is your favorite author (outside of Movellas) and what are you reading these days?

That’s actually a really tough question, because I don’t really read authors, if you know what I mean. Right now, I would have to say John Irving, though. I read A Prayer For Owen Meany last year and just read The Cider House Rules, both of which I loved. And, again, I really like Sarah Dessen, though I haven’t read any of her books in ages. I actually just got a ton of books from my local Half-Price Books store, on sale courtesy of Black Friday, and there are way too many to actually name, but next I am going to focus on It’s Kind of a Funny Story and Thirteen Reasons Why.


What are you writing at the moment?

Well, my biggest project right now is ‘Too Young’, which is a romance story with terrible parents and a dark past. But I’m also writing ‘Change: An Ashton Irwin Fanfiction’ with @LoveOfTheMusic. I’m also really excited to be starting a new story with @Katy Erin, so keep an eye out for that!


Which one of your Movellas would you recommend others to read?

Well, my personal favorite is ‘A Tea Filled Summer’, which is a romance based on the idea that it doesn’t really matter how long you’ve known a person for, but you can love them anyways. It’s also a lot about me in some ways, not having many friends or a strong family to turn to and finding solace in a loved one. Not even close to being the most popular, but my favorite story:


Read A Tea Filled Summer by Kierstinnn


Thank you for all the wonderful reading Kierstinnn!

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